Monday 13 July 2020

Blog Tour ~ The Unwinding by Jackie Morris ☼

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9 July 2020

My thanks to the author, publisher and Random Things Tours for my copy of this book
and the invitation to be part of the blog tour

The Unwinding is a pillow book, in the ancient tradition of Sei Shonagan, a book to tuck up the sleeve, in a pocket, under a pillow, containing fragments of dreams. Designed to be a portal, a talisman, it invites readers to enter its world, through word and image.

What did I think about it..

The lure of The Unwinding is unlike anything I have ever read as even before I opened the book to peep inside I spent a good five minutes just looking and touching the cover and had such a comforting feeling that I felt almost afraid the break the magic by looking inside, and yet, once the book was opened a window into a spellbinding world was laid out before me.

Sometimes a book comes along which is so perfectly right for you that it quite takes your breath away and as soon as I opened my small but perfectly formed copy of The Unwinding I was transported to a magical place that was only ever found on the edge of my dreams. Beautifully illustrated with glorious pictures which take you into a fairy tale world where shape shifting foxes mingle with the dreams of magical bears.

The illustrations are some of the best I've seen and each page reveals something more wonderful than the last. Wolves, birds, hares and badgers rest on the page with pristine white bears who wrap themselves around you like the purest of comfort blankets. A fox with his russet red coat scampers across a snow laden field as the sickle shaped moon lights his journey and midnight fish swim in the air searching for rainbows.

Just dipping into the book anywhere at all and let the lyricism of each of the stories take you by the hand. Let the beauty of the words whisper in your ear and wrap around you, holding you close, and keeping you safe from a modern world that all too often feels strange and unwelcoming. The author's intention is that by keeping the book small you can tuck it under your pillow at night or carry it with you wherever you go and I quite understand now how that works as since I first received my copy I've never let the book out of my sight. I feel comforted knowing it's near me and that I can open it anywhere at all and feel that I am in another world entirely.

Magical, spellbinding, simply stunning, The Unwinding can be anything you want it to be, comforter, talisman, magician or friend, and if you buy only one special book this year, make it this one.

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  1. Thanks so much for the blog tour support Jo x

    1. Thanks for the invitation , Anne. I loved this one :)

  2. I rarely read Fantasy. Your book review is so lovely. In the future I might try reading another one. I like the photo of the author too. Hope the blog tour goes well.


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