Blog Tours 2021 🌠


January 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

The Wife Upstairs - Rachel Hawkins
An American in Paris - Siobahn Curham
Beneath Cornish Skies - Kate Ryder
The Dark Room - Sam Blake
The German Girl - Lily Graham
The Sanatorium - Sarah Pearse
You Don't Need Therapy - Alan Lucas
What I Did - Kate Bradley
Into the Woods - David Marks
Coming Home to Brightwater Bay - Holly Hepburn

February 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

A Family Secret - Libby Ashworth
The Girl on the Back of the Bus- Suzette D Harrison
Ruthless Women - Melanie Blake
House writes Bestseller - Ann Victoria Roberts
Double Mirror with Alison Morton and Helen Hollick
This Changes Everything - Helen McGinn
The Shadow Life of Plants - Fez Inkwright
The Scarlett Dress - Louise Douglas
The Heart Stone - Judith Barrow
The Mother's day Club - Rosie Hendry
Yield - Claire Dyer

March 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

A Beautiful Spy - Rachel Hore
While Paris Slept - Ruth Druart
How to Save Your Own Life - Erica Jong
Mr Right Across the Street - Kathryn Freeman
A Family Reunion - Patricia Scanlon
Saving Missy - Beth Morrey
The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse - Katie Ginger
Home on Folly Farm - Jane Lovering
The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front - Nancy Revell
The Spirit of the Horse - Pam Billinge
You let Me Go - Eliza Graham
Unsettled Ground - Claire Fuller
Let in the Light - Gerard Nugent

April 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

The Girls from Alexandria - Carol Cooper
Coming Home - Kate Field

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