Blog Tours 2021 🌠


January 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

The Wife Upstairs - Rachel Hawkins
An American in Paris - Siobahn Curham
Beneath Cornish Skies - Kate Ryder
The Dark Room - Sam Blake
The German Girl - Lily Graham
The Sanatorium - Sarah Pearse
You Don't Need Therapy - Alan Lucas
What I Did - Kate Bradley
Into the Woods - David Marks
Coming Home to Brightwater Bay - Holly Hepburn

February 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

A Family Secret - Libby Ashworth
The Girl on the Back of the Bus- Suzette D Harrison
Ruthless Women - Melanie Blake
House writes Bestseller - Ann Victoria Roberts
Double Mirror with Alison Morton and Helen Hollick
This Changes Everything - Helen McGinn
The Shadow Life of Plants - Fez Inkwright
The Scarlett Dress - Louise Douglas
The Heart Stone - Judith Barrow
The Mother's day Club - Rosie Hendry
Yield - Claire Dyer

March 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

A Beautiful Spy - Rachel Hore
While Paris Slept - Ruth Druart
How to Save Your Own Life - Erica Jong
Mr Right Across the Street - Kathryn Freeman
A Family Reunion - Patricia Scanlon
Saving Missy - Beth Morrey
The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse - Katie Ginger
Home on Folly Farm - Jane Lovering
The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front - Nancy Revell
The Spirit of the Horse - Pam Billinge
You let Me Go - Eliza Graham
Unsettled Ground - Claire Fuller
Let in the Light - Gerard Nugent

April 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

The Girls from Alexandria - Carol Cooper
Coming Home - Kate Field
The Lost Hours - Susan Lewis
The Drowned City - Karen Maitland
The Railway girls in Love - Maisie Thomas
House of Secrets -  CE Rose
The Damask Rose - Carol McGrath
The Cornish Midwife - Jo Thomas
The Wife Who Got a Life - Tracy Bloom
Summer's Out at Hope Hall - Pam Rhodes

May 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

Primrose Park - Christie Barlow
Journey to Paradise - Paula Greenlees
Ariadne - Jennifer Saint
Ration Book Daughter - Jean Fullerton
The Settlement - Ruth Kirby Smith
Her Family Secret - Melissa Weisner
Under the Italian Sun - Sue Moorcroft
Pathfinders- Cecil Lewis
Sew on the Go - Mary Jane Baxter
Secrets of the Jam Factory Girls
Song of the Nile - Hannah Fielding
Three Weddings and a Proposal - Sheila O'Flannigan

June 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

Sword of Bone - Anthony Rhodes
The Cursed Girls - Caro Ramsay
Dead Ground - M W Craven
The Happy Family - Jackie Kabler
The Edelweiss Sisters - Kate Hewitt
The Summer of Second Chances - Suzanne Snow
Fresh Water for Flowers - Valerie Perrin
This is How We Are Human - Louise Beech
And Now You're Back - Jill Mansell
Happy Days at Mermaid Cove - Marie Laval
Miss Moonshine - Authors on the Edge
The Butterfly Garden Sophie Anderson
Suspects - Lesley Pearse
In the Mirror a Peacock Danced - Justine Borthwick

July 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

Whisper of the Runes - Christina Courtenay
The Fading of the Light - Charlotte Betts
You and Me on Vacation- Emily Henry
The Distant Storm - Santa Montefiore
The Murder Box -Olivia Kiernan
Captivating the Earl - Catherine Tilney

August 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

The Beach Reads Book Club - Kathryn Freeman
Cecily- Annie Garthwaite
The Perfect Life - Nuala Ellwood
Her Previous Self - Anne Allen
On the Bright Side - Nell Carter
Stolen - Tess Stimson
The Killing Tide - Lin Anderson
The House Beneath the Cliffs - Sharon Gosling
The Beloved Girls - Harriet Evans
The Girl in the Picture - Melissa Wiesner
A Winter Baby for Gin Barrel Lane - Lindsey Hutchinson
The Secrets of Latimer House - Jules Wake
A Hundred Years to Arras - J M Cobley

September 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

If only He'd Told Her - Katherine Markland
Angels of Mud - Vanessa Nicholson
The Man on Hackpen Hill - J S Monroe
Falling for a French Dream- Jennifer Bohnet
The Storyteller of Casablanca -Fiona Valpy
The Rose Garden -Tracy Rees 

October 2021 Blog Tour 🚌

The Cosy Cottage in Ireland - Julie Caplin
To All the Living - Monica Fellon
The Patchwork Girls -Elaine Everest
The Collector's Girl - Gill Paul
A Winter Wish for the Cornish Midwife - Jo Bartlett
Cheltenham Book Festival 
The Secrets of Hawthorn Place - Jenni Keer
A Woman Made of Snow - Elisabeth Gifford
Christmas Wishes at the Chocolate Shop Cafe - Jessica Redland
Gil in the Maze - Cathy Hayward
Oh William! - Elizabeth Strout
A Letter from Nana Rose - Kristin Harper
Under the Mistletoe - Sue Moorcroft

November 2021 Blog Tours 🚌

Just Haven't Met You Yet - Sophie Cousens
The Memory Box - Kathryn Hughes
The Bloodless Boy  - Robert J Lloyd
The Forgotten Maid - Jane Cable
The Crystal Crypt - Fiona Veitch Smith

December 2021 Blog Tours πŸšŒ

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