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Jaffareadstoo welcomes enquiries from authors, publishers and their publicists.

If you're interested in having your book reviewed by Jaffareadstoo, then this is what I like to read ..

I am interested in the follow genres: 

Historical Fiction

Women's Fiction

General Fiction

Romantic Fiction

Contemporary Fiction



I am not interested in the following genres:

Science Fiction




Graphic Novels

All book review requests are handled free of charge, however, I do not expect to pay to obtain your book.

I will consider your book request most carefully and will read both the synopsis and will download samples, where appropriate, however, if the book does not appeal to me on a personal level, I will turn it down. 

I do not want to receive unsolicited e-copies of your book without prior agreement. Any unsolicited e-copies will be deleted.

Whilst I try to read the books I receive, I just can't read everything. Neither can I give a time limit on my reviews, some books may wait longer than others. After all, reading for me is one of life's pleasures and should not be a chore.

I do use a kindle, but wherever possible, I prefer to read paper books in either paperback or hard copy for review. I'm happy with proof copies and ARC.

Please include, a brief synopsis, and what format you are able to submit the book in and, if possible, a link to your book's purchasing page, or to your website if you have one.

It's fair to say that I do not post bad reviews. If I am struggling with your book, I will contact you privately. However,I will not critique writing, nor will I offer specific advise on publishing, or book promotion.

Whilst I post my reviews on several books sites, including Amazon, I have no affiliation with any of these sites and do not receive payment for any of my reviews.

Whilst I attempt to read and review all books sent to me, it must be said that not all reviews will make it onto Jaffareadstoo's blog however, I will endeavour to leave a review on Amazon and or Goodreads.

My reviews are always my own thoughts, written thoughtfully and honestly.

Author Participation:

Jaffa and I are delighted to host authors for an interview, guest posts or a stop on a blog tour. If you are interested, we request that a copy of your book be sent with sufficient time for me to read the book before a blog tour date or author interview. I can provide relevant questions for author interviews but am equally happy to post author guest posts providing it is relevant to your book.

We are always delighted to welcome back authors who have been guests on the blog, however, we do still reserve the right to turn down your book, if it doesn't appeal.

What happens to your book once I've read it...

I never sell any of the books which are given to me and I will never infringe on an author’s copyright regarding a book that I have received.

However, I do sometimes give my books away in professionally organised giveaways and also to family and friends. I also donate books to my local community library and I also support the book charity – Book Cycle.

I will not distribute copies of your book until after your book's publication date.

Just so you're aware:

I link my reviews to my Jaffareadstoo page on Facebook and also share my blog links on Twitter @jaffareadstoo

I post my reviews in the following places: 

I'm top #500 reviewer on Amazon UK

I am in the top 1% of reviewers  on Goodreads



I review books for the Historical Novel society

I review books for Real Readers/ Nudge

I review books for Lovereading.co.uk


Jaffareadstoo is happy for authors and publishers to use snippets of our reviews in books, websites or as part of a publicity campaign. 

Please would you attribute these to Jaffareadstoo and if possible tell us where you are using the quote.

If, you're interested in a book review or an author interview then please contact:



....Jaffa and I look forward to hearing from you....

and remember

Jaffa turns the page while I read all the big words

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