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January 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

The First Time I Saw You - Emma Cooper (Random Things Tours)
The Lady of the Ravens - Joanna Hickson (Random Things Tours)
Six Wicked Reasons - Jo Spain (Millie Reid)
A Messy Affair - Elizabeth Mundy (Rachel's Random Resources)
The Other You - J S Monroe (Amber Choudhary)
The Perfect Match - Zoe May (Rachel's Random Resources)
Beyond the Moon - Catherine Taylor (Rachel's Random Resources)
All The Rage - Cara Hunter (Ellie Hudson)
The Home - Sarah Stovell (Random Things Tours)
The Liar's Daughter -Claire Allan (Sanjana Cunniah)
Little Boy Lost - J P Carter (Sanjana Cunniah)
Payback - R C Bridgestock ( Emily Glennister)

February 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

Little Boy Lost - J P Carter ( Sanjan Cunniah)
The Cottage by the Cove - Cass Grafton (Rachel's Random Resources)
The Two Lives of Lydia Bird - Josie Silver ( Georgia Taylor)
Real Life - Adeline Dieudonne (Random Things Tours)
The Liar's Daughter -Claire Allan ( SanjanCunniah)
Dear Edward - Ann Napolitano (Hannah Sawyer)
Blood Will Be Born - Gary Donnelly (Lesley Crooks)
Saturdays at Noon - Rachel Marks ( Sriya)
Rules of the Road - Ciara Geraghty ( Random Things Tours)
Code Name Lise - Larry Leftis ( Melanie Sambells)
Her Dark KNight's Redemption- Nicole Locke) Rachel's Random Resources)

March 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

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