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January 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

A River in the Trees - Jacqueline O'Mahony
Love War and Glory - Denis Olashinde Akinmolasire
Maybe This Time - Jill Mansell
The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society - Graham Peace
Village of Lost Girls - Agustin Martinez
The Earl's Irresistible Challenge - Laura Temple
Apple of My Eye - Claire Allan
Oh I do Like to Be - Marie Philips

February 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

Don't Turn Around - Amanda Brooke
Blood for Blood - Victoria Selman
A Small Dark Quiet - Miranda Gold
Material Remains - Richard Bray
The Migraine Relief Plan - Stephanie Weaver
Dreaming of Tuscany - T W Williams
One Minute Later - Susan Lewia
The Dressmaker of Draper Lane - Liz Trenow
The Belle Hotel - Craig Melvin
Blood Orange - Harriet Tyce
The Blameless Dead - Gary Haynes
A Version of the Truth - B P Walter
The Wolves of Lensky Project - Sarah Armstrong

March 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

Two Hearts of Eliza Bloom - Beth Miller
In the Light of the Sun - Clare Clark
Poetic Justice - R C Bridgestock
Nowhere Girls - Teuta Metra
The Newcomer - Fern Britton
Belle of the Back Strees - Glenda Young
Unlawful Things - Anna Sayburn
Silver Moon Storybook - Elaine Gunn
The Cornish Lady - Nicola Pryce
A Death in Chelsea - Lynn Brittney
Keep Her Close - M J Ford
Beautiful Bad - Annie Ward
The Conviction of Cora Burns - Carolyn Kirby
The Shadow Between Us - Carole Mason
The Point of Poetry - Joe Nutt
My Sister's Lies - S D Roberston
Sunwsie - Helen Steadman

April 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

When Winter Comes - Vivienne Shannon
The House at Greenacres - Darcie Boleyn
The Earl's Runaway Governess - Catherine Tinley
Finding Dorothy -Elizabeth Letts
The Dollmaker - Nina Allen
The Peacock Bottle - Angela Rigely
Wakenhyrst- Michelle Paver
Jess Castle and the Eyeball of Death - M V Vincent
The Confessions of Frannie Langton _ Sara Collins
The Forgotten Village - Lorna Cook
Lonely Hearts Crime Club - Tanya Bullock
The Inheritance - Anne Allan
The Garden of Lost and Found  - Harriet Evans
Amazing Grace - Kim Nash
The Devils Aspect - Craig Russell
From the Shadows - G R Halliday
The Stars in the Night - Clare Roden
Perfect Crime - Helen Fields
Call Me Star Girl - Louise Beech
No Way Out - Cara Hunter
Sleep - C L Taylor
Lies Behind the Ruins - Helen Matthews
Rocco and the Price of Lies - Adrian Magson

May 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

Sins of the Sire - Emily Royal
Under the Rock - Benjamin Myers
Tiger - Polly Clark
A Perfect Cornish Summer - Philipa Ashley
The Teashop Girls - Elaine Everest
A Summer to Remember - Sue Moorcroft
Picture of Innocence - T J Stimson
Mr Todd's Reckoning - Iaian Maitland
A Long Shadow - Caroline Kington
The Never Game - Jeffery Deaver
Crikey A BodyGuard _ Kathryn Freeman
Tick Tock - Mel Sharratt
Night by Night - Jack Jordan
Stolen - Paul Finch
The String Games - Gail Aldwin
The Effortless Mind - Will Williams
My Mother's Daughter - Ann O'Loughlin
Book of Wonders - Julien Sandrel
The Tiger Catcher - Paullina Simons
The Wartime Midwives - Daisy Styles

June 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

Concerto - Hannah Fielding 
Forget Me Not - Claire Allan 
10 minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World - Elif Safak 
The Lemon Tree Hotel - Rosanna Ley 
The Last Widow - Karin Slaughter 
A Cornish Summer - Catherine Alliot 
Vintage 1954 - Antoine Laurain
Sister of Mine - Laurie Petrou 

July 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

The Missing Wife - Sam Carrington
You'll Never See Me Again - Lesley Pearse
A Walk in Wildflower Park - Bella Osborne
A Fatal Game - Nicholas Searle
Truth or Die - Katerina Diamond
The Thunder Girls - Melanie Blake
The Scribe - A A Chaudhuri
Then She Vanishes - Claire Douglas
A Cornish Affair - Jo Lambert Blog Tour
Secrets of the Homefront Girls - Kate Thompson

August 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

The Secrets of Treasure Island - John Drake
At Your Door - J P Carter
Another You - Jane Cable
Gone - Leona Deakin
Her Last Promise - Kathryn Hughes
The Light Keeper - Cole Moreton
The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan - Cynthia Jefferies
The Runaway Daughter - Joanna Rees
Shelf Life - Livia Franchini
Ask Again, Yes - Mary Beth Keane
Butterfly In Frost - Sylvia Day

September 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

Home Truths -Susan Lewis
From the City to the Plough - Alexander Baron
The Rabbit Girls - Anna Ellory
Spark Out - Nick Rippington
A Matter of Interpretation -Elizabeth MacDonald
The Love child - Rachel Hore
Dead Flowers - Nicola Monaghan
The Jeweller - Carys Lewis
An Echo of Scandal - Laura Madeleine
Nothing Else Remains - Robert Scragg
Eight Hours for England -
PostScript - Cecelia Aherne

October 2019 Blog Tour 🚌

The Dressmaker's Gift - Fiona Valpy
The Silken Rose - Carol McGrath
Three Little Truths - Eithne Shortall
#Sonnets - Lucien Young
Secrets of the Mist - Kate Ryder
A Ration Book Childhood - Jean Fullerton
Tangled Roots - Deise R Young
Reach for a Satr - Kathryn Freeman
Through the Wall - Caroline Corcoran

November 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

Christmas at Ladywell - Nicola Slade
A Perfect Christmas - Philipa Ashley
The Rector's daughter - Jean Fullerton
Into the water - Katerina Diamond
The Ex-girlfriend - Nicola Moriarty

December 2019 Blog Tours 🚌

Magpie - Sophie Draper

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