Blog Tours 2020 🌠


January 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

*The First Time I Saw You - Emma Cooper (Random Things Tours) ✔
The Lady of the Ravens - Joanna Hickson (Random Things Tours) 
Six Wicked Reasons - Jo Spain (Millie Reid)
A Messy Affair - Elizabeth Mundy (Rachel's Random Resources)
The Other You - J S Monroe (Amber Choudhary)
The Perfect Match - Zoe May (Rachel's Random Resources)
Beyond the Moon - Catherine Taylor (Rachel's Random Resources)
All The Rage - Cara Hunter (Ellie Hudson)
The Home - Sarah Stovell (Random Things Tours)
The Liar's Daughter -Claire Allan (Sanjana Cunniah)
Little Boy Lost - J P Carter (Sanjana Cunniah)
Payback - R C Bridgestock ( Emily Glennister)

February 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

Little Boy Lost - J P Carter ( Sanjan Cunniah)
The Cottage by the Cove - Cass Grafton (Rachel's Random Resources)
The Two Lives of Lydia Bird - Josie Silver ( Georgia Taylor)
Real Life - Adeline Dieudonne (Random Things Tours)
The Liar's Daughter -Claire Allan ( SanjanCunniah)
*Dear Edward - Ann Napolitano (Hannah Sawyer)
Blood Will Be Born - Gary Donnelly (Lesley Crooks)
Saturdays at Noon - Rachel Marks ( Sriya) 
Rules of the Road - Ciara Geraghty ( Random Things Tours) 
Code Name Lise - Larry Leftis ( Melanie Sambells) 
Her Dark Knight's Redemption- Nicole Locke) Rachel's Random Resources) 

March 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

One Moment - Linda Green (Millie Reid) 
The Silent House - Nell Pattison (Sanjana Cunniah) 
The New Guy -Kathryn Freeman (Rachel Gilbey) 
The Faerie Tree -Jane Cable (Rachel Gilbey) 
How to Build a Boyfriend from Scratch - Sarah Archer (Rebecca Bryant) 
The Man on the Street - Trevor Wood ( Ella Patel) 
A Body in the Bookshop - Helen Cox ( Ella Patel) 
The Evil Within - SM Hardy ( Lesley Crooks) 
When Life Gives You Lemons - Fiona Ginson ( Sanjan Cunniah) 
How to Carry Fire - Christina Thatcher ( Isabelle Kenyon) 
The Walls we Build - Jules Hayes (Rachel Gilbey) 

April 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

The Silken Rose - Carol McGrath ( Rosanna Hildyard ) 
The Last Crossing by Brian McGilloway ( Emily Glenister) 
Trust in You - Julie Firlotte (Rachel Gilbey)  
The Forbidden Promise - Lorna Cook (Sanjana Cunniah)  
The Perfect Couple - Jackie Kabler(Rachel Gilbey)  

May 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

Wartime at Liberty's -Fiona Ford ( Rachel Kennedy) 
Born Survivors - Wendy Holden ( Francesca Burns) 
A Ration Book Wedding - Jean Fullerton ( Rachel Gilbey) 
A Cabinet of Comfort:Soothing Words for Troubled Times - Paul Anthony Jones ( Alison Menzies) 
When We Fall - Carolyn Kirby ( Anne Cater) 
Red Desert - Paddy Magrane ( Amber Choudhary) 
The Secrets of the Chateau - Kathleen McGurl ( Rachel Gilbey) 
These Lost and Broken Things - Helen Fields ( Love Books Group) 
The Weight of Small Things - Julie Lancaster (Melanie Sambells) 
Death Magazine - Matt Haig (Isabelle Kenyon) 

June 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

Meet Me at Pebble Beach - Bella Osborne (Sanjana Cunniah) 
That Holiday in France - Rhoda Baxter ( Sarah Hardy) 
*The Curator - M W Craven (Beth Wright) 
Season of Second Chances - Aimee Alexander ( Anne Cater) 
Beach Read - Emily Henry ( Georgia Taylor) 
Slatehead - Peter Goulding ( Julia Forster) 
How to Save a Life - S D Roberston ( Ellie Pilcher) 
20/20 - Carl Goodman ( Amber Choudhary) 
A Perfect Cornish Escape - Phillipa Ashley (Ellie Pilcher) 
Up Close and Personal - Kathryn Freeman (Rachel Gilbey) 
The Half Sister - Sandie Jones ( Ellis Keane) 
*From Venice with Love - Rosanna Ley (Katya Ellis) 
The English Wife - Adrienne Chinn ( Rachel Gilbey) 
*Summer Strawberries at Swallowtail Bay - Katie Ginger ( Rachel Gilbey) 

July 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

The Scoundrel's Bartered Bride - Virginia Heath (Rachel Gilbey) 
The Rebel Heiress and the Knight -Melissa Oliver (Rachel Gilbey) 
*The Light Within Us -Charlotte Betts ( Francesca Banks)
*The Paper Bracelet - Rachel English ( Anne Cater)
Under a Wartime Sky - Liz Trenow ( Ellis Keene)
The Secret of Willow Cottage - Tina MEdwards ( Anne Cater)
*The Unwinding - Jackie Morris (Anne Cater)
Rags of Time - Mike Ward (Anne Cater)
The Englishman - David Gilman ( Amber Choudhary)
Rose's Choice - Chrissie Bradshaw ( Rachel Gilbey)
The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days - Juliet Conlin ( LoveBooksGroup)
The Heatwave - Katerina Diamond ( Sriya Varadharajan)
The Truth Must Dazzle Gradually - Helen Cullen ( Sriya Varadharajan)
The Tuscan Contessa - Dinah Jefferies ( Georgia Taylor)
The Puritan Princess - Miranda Malins (Gabriella Drinkald)
A Good Match for the Major - Josie Bonham (Anne Cater)
The Weekend Away - Sarah Alderson (Sanjana Cunniah)
Sisters - Michelle Francis ( Ellis Keene)
Miss Graham's Cold War - Celia Rees ( Anne Cater)

August 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

The House Party - Mary Grand ( Rachel Gilbey)
*The Missing peices of Nancy Moon by Sarah Steel (Rosie Margesson)
One White Lie -Leah Konen ( Sriya Varadharajan)
A Walk along the Beach by Debbie Macomber ( Rachel Kennedy)
This time Next Year by Sophie Cousens ( Rachel Kennedy)
A French Affair - Jennifer Bohnet ( Rachel Gilbey) 
The Girl You forgot -Giselle Green ( Rachel Gilbey)
Sight Unseen - Sandra Ireland ( LoveBooksGroup)
The Whispering House by Elizabeth Brooks ( Isabella Ghaffan Parker)
The Last to Know by Jo Furniss ( Anne Cater)
A Treasury of Scottish Words by Robin A Crawford (Alison Menzies)
The Golden Maid by Evie Grace ( Georgia Williams)
*The Girl in the Bamboo Cage by Hazel Gaynor ( Anne Cater)
Killing in Your Name by Gary Donnelly ( Lesley Crooks)
The Mersey Girls - Sheila Riley ( Rachel Gilbey)
The Second Mrs Thistlewood - Dionne Hayes ( Rachel Gilbey)
V for Victory by Lissa Evans ( Anne Cater)

September 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

Strictly Come Dating - Kathryn Freeman ( Rachel Gilbey) 
Blooms of War - Suzanne Tierney ( Rachel Gilbey) 
Love at the Little Wedding Shop by Jane Linfoot ( Rachel Gilbey) 
Someday in Paris by Olivia Lara ( Rachel Gilbey) 
One Winter's Night - Kiley Dunbar ( Rachel Gilbey) 
Our Yanks by Margaret Mayhew ( Anne Cater ) 
*The Second Marriage by Gill Paul ( Anne Cater) 
A Year of Living Simply by Kate Humble ( Anne Cater)
Valhalla by Alan Robert Clark ( Bradley Thomas)
The Italian Girls by Debbie Rix ( Sarah Hardy)

October 2020 Blog Tour 🚌

Those Who Know - Alis Hawkins ( Emily Glenister)
A Christmas Wish for the Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell (Rachel Kennedy)
A Bachelor's Pledge by Penny Hampson ( Rachel Gilbey)
Stick A Flag in it by Arran Lomas (Anne Cater)
A Widow's Vow by Rachel Brimble ( Rachel Gilbey)
The Other Woman by Amanda Brookfield ( Rachel Gilbey)
*Endless Skies by Jane Cable ( Rachel Gilbey)
City of Ghosts by Ben Creed ( Megan Denholm)
Conspiracy of Silence by Anna Legat ( Rachel Gilbey)
The Marriage of Innis Wilkison by Lauren H Brandenburg( Fern Lindsey Tolly)
*The Puzzle Girls by Anna Ellory (Megan Denholm)
Christmas at the Farmhouse -Rebecca Boxall ( Rachel Gilbey) 
When I Come Home Again by Caroline Scott  (Anne Cater)

November 2020 Blog Tours 🚌

When the Music Stops by Joe Heap  (Anne Cater)
Ambridge at War by Catherine Miller (Anne Cater)
A Mother Like You by Ruby Speechley (Rachel Gilbey)
The Mersey Estuary by Kevin Stene (Anne Cater) 
Running Wolf by Helen Steadman ( Love Books Group)
Forgive me by Susan Lewis (Anne Cater)
The Forgotten Gift by Kathleen McGurl ( Rachel Gilbey)
50 Words for Snow by Nancy Campbell ( Alison Menzies)
The Chalet byy Catherine Cooper (Anne Cater)
A Little Christmas Hope by Kathryn Freeman ( Rachel Gilbey)
War in the Valleys by Francesca Capaldi (Sarah Hardy)
The Maiden and the Mercenary by Nicole Locke( Rachel Gilbey)
Imperfect Alchemist by Naomi Miller ( Lesley Crooks)

December 2020 Blog Tours πŸšŒ

The Flip Side by James Bailey ( Ben McCluskey)
Let's Talk about Cats by Anita Kelsey ( Rachel Gilbey)
Runes of Destiny by Christina Courtney ( Rachel Gilbey)
The Smuggler's Wife by Evie Grace (Georgia Williams)

*Recommended Reads

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