Thursday, 14 March 2019

Blog Tour ~ The Silver Moon Storybook by Elaine Gunn

Jaffareadstoo is thrilled to be part of the blog tour for The Silver Moon Storybook

My thanks to the author and Kelly at Love Books Group Tours
for my copy of this book and the invitation to be part of the tour

What darkness lies in the past of a little witch, cursed into the shape of a giant? Who will save a magical unicorn, imprisoned for generations in the castle of a tyrant? As the silver moon rises in the sky, an enormous clown and a powerful siren join a humble weaver and other enchanting characters in these haunting tales of illusion, discovery and love. 

An exquisitely illustrated bedtime story for the age of #MeToo, The Silver Moon Storybook transforms themes of modern feminism into touching fables full of the magic and shadows of traditional fairy tales.

My thoughts..

The Silver Moon Storybook is a beautiful selection of fairy stories, written with a lovely lightness of touch which makes reading the seven stories within the collection such a joy.

There's a real skill to writing fairy stories, sometimes it just feels right, and The Silver Moon Storybook has such an authentic feel that I truly felt like I was reading the fairy tales of old without the obligatory grimness. I've always loved fairy stories, they entertain, and inform, and give a glimpse into a magical world which although is not of our time, it so easily could be, and this collection cleverly shows that there are many parallels within the world of magic.

The stories are sensitively written and send a strong message which I'm sure will appeal to both children and adults alike. The stunning black and white line drawings interspersed throughout the book are a lovely addition and really bring the stories to life in a very special way. The author offers the idea of colouring in the line drawings, which is a lovely idea and could make the book very personal, however like lots of readers I could no more colour in the pages of a book than I could fly to the moon, however, it's always there as an option, along with the author's great suggestion of downloading the pictures from her website, if, like me, you can't colour the actual pictures in the book ๐Ÿ˜Š

Beautifully written and presented, The Silver Moon Storybook is a really lovely collection of stories which are perfect for children...and adults.  I am sure that my copy will stay on my book shelf forever.

Elaine Gunn has been writing more or less constantly since she first picked up a pencil in primary school. Years of unpublished literary genius languish in handwritten journals, high school English portfolios, corporate banking reports and various awful pitch documents full of impeccably-written digital marketing jargon. Her first published work, The Silver Moon Storybook, is a collection of feminist fairy tales, written as an antidote to the passive princess culture that she became horribly aware of when her children started watching telly. Elaine is also a reiki practitioner and Dr. Hauschka esthetician.

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