Saturday 4 June 2016

The 20 Books of Summer Challenge...


Cathy at Cathy 746 has a yearly challenge to read twenty books over the summer months starting on 1 June 2016 and running until 5 September 2016, and this year, I’ve decided to join her.

I'm always up for a bookish sort of challenge and as I need to clear some space on my book shelves I thought that this was a good challenge to get involved in. I'm not sure that I'll achieve the 20 books challenge but it's worth a try and in order to keep me motivated I'll be joining in with the rest on Twitter using the hashtag #20booksofsummer.

I noticed that one of my friends on Book Connectors on Facebook is also doing the 20 books of summer challenge Cleopatra Loves Books


Here are my choices. All different genres, all different sizes, the only criteria is that they have sat on my book shelves for far too many years, some since they were first published, others given to me by friends and one of two acquired from my book swapping days at readitswapit.

Ok then, let's see how I get on !!

Origins of Love ~ Kishwar Desai (2012)

State of Wonder ~ Anne Patchett (2012)

The Emperor of Paris ~ CS Richardson (2014)

On Rue Tatin ~ Susan Loomis (2002)

State of WonderOrigins of Love  22081040  196154

The Song House ~ Trezza Azzopardi (2010)

Marlford ~ Jacqueline Yallop (2014)

The Cleaner of Chartres ~ Sally Vickers (2012)

Cat & Fiddle ~ Lesley Jorgenson (

20827021The Song House 17970183 17156133

The Story of Beautiful Girl ~ Rachel Simon (2011)

Astray ~ Emma Donoghue (2012)

A Year of Marvelous Ways ~ Sarah Winman (2015)

The Uninvited Guests ~ Sadie Jones (2012)

11290906  Astray  23521853  15818225

The French Promise ~Fiona Mcintosh (2013)

The Painter's Apprentice ~ Charlotte Betts (2012)

The Glove Maker ~ Stacia Brown (2012)

Red Queen ~ Victoria Aveyard (2015)

20871754  13447139 13065389 22328546

Firebrand ~ Gillian Philips (2010)

Black Heart Blue ~ Louis Reid (2012)

The Doll's House ~ M J Arlidge (2015)

Summertime ~ Vanessa Lafaye (2015)

8433024  13575642 23519826 23220038

I'll post a review of each book as I go along and will hashtag and use the #20booksofsummer logo.

And so I don't lose track I will leave this as a page at the top of my blog so I can update regularly, so do visit to see how I'm progressing with this challenge...

Happy Reading



  1. Good luck with the challenge, I started Ashtray but didn't get through it, I am sure thats the one of short stories?


    1. Yes Lainy, you're correct, Astray is a short story collection. I have flipped though it but never read any of the stories..:)

  2. Great choices! I may steal a few of your reading ideas. Enjoy!

  3. What a fabulous looking list! Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks Katherine, I'm looking forward to it :)

  4. Good luck with the challenge, I have had a few of these on my TBR for ages too.

    1. Thanks Karen - I think Black Heart Blue came from you !!!

  5. Several of those on my shelves too Josie - good luck with the challenge. Funnily enough, I actually have a half drafted "From the Vaults" post about Rachel Simon's The Story of Beautiful Girl - I remember really enjoying it!

    1. Thanks Anne - Yes, The Story of Beautiful Girl cam from my swapping days at Readitswapit - from Shona :)

  6. Good luck with the challenge - great list! The only one I've read is State of Wonder, but there are several on there that I'd like to read sometime - I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think of them... :)

    1. Thanks FictionFan - I'll be posting my reviews as I go along.

  7. Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I made a start yesterday with Origins of Love by Kishwar Desai, only another 19 to go ...!!

  8. Wow, what a fun-sounding and eclectic list of books. I decided to opt in this year, too. My 20+Summer2016Challenge

    1. Thanks Anne - best of luck with your challenge. You have some fab choices too :)


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