Tuesday 21 June 2016

Review ~ Mothers, Sisters and Other Lovers by Simone Mondesir


A Bit of Blurb

Mother-daughter relationships can be difficult enough, but what would you do if your mother fell in love with a woman young enough to be your sister? 

That’s the dilemma facing dutiful daughter, Grace Hamilton, who risks her own relationship to go to Greece to rescue her mother, only to be caught up in a heady mix of sexual politics and village rivalries, richly spiced with ancient myth and some very contemporary “goddesses”. Seduced by the heat and languor of a Greek summer, Grace sheds her inhibitions and discovers the truth about herself as well as about the father she has never known.

My Thoughts

Mother, daughter relationships can be fraught with all sorts of emotions and for Grace Hamilton, the relationship she has with her mother is beset with difficulties. However, Grace is ever the dutiful daughter and when her mother needs help, she duly travels to Greece only to discover that her mother is in a new relationship with Lilith, a woman who is young enough to be Grace's sister, but who has a decidedly, prickly exterior.

What then follows is a look at relationships, not just between mother and daughter, but also between lovers, both male and female, and also between husband's and wives. It took me a little while to get comfortable with the way the story was progressing, but I think that the author does a good job in making both the place and the people feel realistic without it ever becoming too contrived. The story moves along at a good pace and there are interesting observations about life and love. Of course, the Greek setting adds a nice touch and makes this a good choice of story to take on a summer holiday.

I enjoyed reading Mothers, Sisters and Other Lovers, and particularly liked the Greek landscape and seeing how the story eventually played out, kept me entertained.

Best Read with....A Greek salad, rich with feta and an indulgent bottle of local, white wine...

Simone Mondesir

My thanks to the author for sharing her novel with me.


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