Wednesday 29 June 2016

My 6 in 6 in 2016...


The idea being that as the end of June approaches and we are then halfway through 2016, let us share the books we have read in those first 6 months. In fact let’s share 6 books in 6 categories, or simply just 6 books. Whatever you want to and the same book can obviously feature in more than one category.

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Jo at The Book Jotter

I've done this fun round up of the first six months reading for the last couple of years and it's always good to look back and reflect on the first six months worth of books that have been on my reading list.

It's really difficult to choose just six books in each category and it's no reflection on the other books I have read and enjoyed (and their authors ) if they haven't made this list.

Here are my six in six for 2016....

Six debut authors...

  1. Katy Hogan ~ Out of the Darkness
  2. Deborah O'Connor ~ My Husband's Son
  3. S E Lynes ~ Valentina
  4. Fiona Barton ~ The Widow
  5. Eve Chase ~ Black Rabbit Hall
  6. Kate Medina ~ Fire Damage

Six authors who are new to me...

  1. Carys Bray ~ The Museum of You
  2. Janet Ellis ~ The Butcher's Hook
  3. Thomas Maloney ~ The Sacred Combe
  4. Hilary Spiers ~ Hester and Harriet
  5. C L Taylor ~ The Missing
  6. Caroline James ~ Coffee, Tea,the Caribbean and Me

Six books I have enjoyed ...

  1. Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris
  2. The Ballroom by Anna Hope
  3. In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings
  4. This Must Be The Place by Maggie O'Farrell
  5. The Farm at the End of the World by Sarah Vaughan
  6. Valentina by S E Lynes

Six books that took me by the hand and led me into the past..

  1. The Queen's Choice by Anne O'Brien
  2. At the Edge of the Orchard by Tracy Chevalier
  3. Blood Rose Angel by Liza Perrat
  4. Leopards of Normandy : Duke by David Churchill
  5. Six Tudor Queens : Katherine of Aragon by Alison Weir
  6. Versailles by Elizabeth Massie

Six Books that led me into a crime scene...

  1. Little Sister by David Hewson
  2. Missing Presumed by Susie Steiner
  3. Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton
  4. Coffin Road by Peter May
  5. The Woman in Blue by Elly Griffiths
  6. Death in Profile by Guy Fraser-Sampson

Six books that took me on extraordinary journeys around the world..

  1. A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding (Japan)
  2. Little Sister by David Hewson (Amsterdam)
  3. Eden Gardens by Louise Brown (India)
  4. The Last of Us by David Ewing ( Scotland)
  5. Last Dance in Havana by Rosanna Ley (Cuba)
  6. The Midnight Watch by David Dyer ( North Atlantic)

Thanks for looking and do come back in December when I will share my twelve in twelve.!!
 And my favourite books of the year...


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