Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday WW1 Remembered ...

Feeding the German Troops during WW1

Food was considered a luxury to British soldiers fighting at the front during WW1 and this was no exception for the German troops who were facing the same constrictions. Food rations were in short supply

German Army Daily Rations

26 ½ ounces of bread or               
17 ½ of field biscuits or 
14 ounces of egg biscuit               
53 ounces of potatoes  
4 ½ ounces vegetables 
2 ounces dried vegetables

German Insulated Hot Food Container

© IWM (FEQ 803)

With a small plaque marked 'Nicht aufs feuer setzen' ('Do not place on a fire')

The food container was worn on the back like a rucksack and kept food hot rather like a vacuum flask

This container was captured by the 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment.

A Dispatch Dog brings food to Germans at the front

© IWM (Q 23700)

The dog is wearing a special harness on its back which can hold mess tins. In the background, a third soldier can be seen pointing his rifle over the top of the trench.

German Soldiers queue at a hot food wagon

©Digital Images

This photograph was in a collection of WW1 memorabilia brought back from the Western Front by my husband's grandfather, Sam Whalley



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