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Review ~ Lady Cop Makes Trouble by Amy Stewart

12 January 2017

A bit of blurb...

The bestselling author of Girl Waits With Gun returns with another adventure featuring the feisty, unforgettable Kopp sisters. 

In 1915, lady cops were not expected to chase down fugitives on the streets of New York City. But Constance Kopp never did what anyone expected. After besting (and arresting) a ruthless silk factory owner and his gang of thugs, Constance Kopp has earned her place as the nation’s first female deputy sheriff. She’s proven that she can’t be deterred, evaded, or outrun. But when a con man escapes from jail on her watch, she must find him before he disappears completely, and she ends up right back where she started - unemployed.

My thoughts about the book ...

In Lady Cop Makes Trouble we see the welcome return of Deputy Sheriff Constance Kopp who we first met in Girl Waits With Gun.

When a con man disappears from jail whilst Constance is on watch she takes it as a personal insult. Fired with her unique brand of bravado, she never for one minute takes the idea of defeat as an option, even though those around are perhaps more sceptical of her ability to track down a man who doesn't want to be found.

This complicated search for a man who does not want to be discovered forms the basis of the story and, as always, takes Constance into the very heart of the action. The other characters that flit into and out of the story add their own distinctive perspective and Constance's sisters, Norma and Fleurette, continue to add their own unique charm.

What I love about this historical crime series is the sheer joie de vivre which Constance exudes at every opportunity. She is a feisty and determined protagonist who brings such exuberant joy to the story that the pages almost turn themselves. What can be guaranteed is that for Constance Kopp there is never going to be a dull moment and even though her brief spell as the deputy sheriff seems to be over almost before it has begun Constance never falters in her search for justice.

The brave and bright new world of early twentieth century New York comes vividly to life with Constance best placed in her role as a strong female protagonist. Within the story there is plenty of action and lots of twists and turns in a plot which always keeps you guessing.

Based on actual events, Lady Cop Makes Trouble is a well plotted action adventure and I am sure that this series will continue to go from strength to strength. 

Best read with … a cup of black tea and some soda crackers

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Thanks to Sophie at Scribe for the opportunity to read and review Lady Cop Makes Trouble.


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