Sunday 4 October 2015

Sunday War Poet...

The theme for this months poetry



London in War


Helen Dircks 

London in War
White faces,
Like helpless petals on the stream,
Swirl by,
Or linger,
And then go….

Ancient summer burns
Where green trees branch
From palaces of stone;
I see the brightness
Through a throbbing gloom,
While a death rattles
To a tripping melody….

Hot laughter comes,
With tears of ice,
Where Wear is God
And God is War;
For He has torn
The gallant spirits that He gave,
Till joy is agony,
And agony is joy….

Night falls with its olden touch,
But sleep comes
Like a bloody man,
And the stars
Are wounded birds
That fall
For ever

I can find very little about the poet Helen Dircks other than she was married in 1917 to the novelist, Frank Arthur Swinnerton but they were later divorced.


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