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Hist Fic Saturday - Review and Giveaway ~ Beneath a Frosty Moon by Rita Bradshaw

On Hist Fic Saturday

I am delighted to go back to ...1940

15 November 2018
In Rita Bradshaw's Beneath a Frosty Moon, it’s 1940 and Britain is at war with Germany. For Cora Stubbs and her younger siblings this means being evacuated to the safety of the English countryside. But, little does Cora know that Hitler’s bombs are nothing compared to the danger she will face in her new home, and she is forced to grow-up fast. However, Cora is a fighter and she strives to carve a new life for herself and her siblings. Time passes, and in the midst of grief and loss she falls in love, but what other tragedies lie around the corner? As womanhood beckons, can Cora ever escape her troubled past and the lost love who continues to haunt her dreams and cast shadows over her days?

My thoughts about it..

When Cora Stubbs and her younger siblings are evacuated to the country they believe they are going to a safer place but what they find when they arrive at Stone Farm is a place filled with dark shadows and a very real sense of danger. Making the best of her situation, Cora strives to protect the younger ones, using her wits and considerable strength of spirit to settle into her new life. However, there are troubles aplenty in store for Cora and she is forced to grow up very quickly indeed.

What then follows is a coming of age story which focuses on the darker aspects of life during the war years. To be separated from loved ones was particularly difficult especially when parents had to send their children into the unknown albeit under the guise of safety. And for those children who left everything behind to live with strangers, it was often a time of great unhappiness.Beneath A Frosty Moon is quite  a dark story in many ways and yet, it also shows the strength and resilience of what people endured during the war, especially for the evacuees but also for those who were abroad fighting in some of the harshest conditions.

The author writes this genre really well and gives her characters a realistic sense of purpose, so that they soon become people you start to care about. I liked Cora from the beginning, she is a feisty character and her protection of the little ones is admirable. However, some of the other characters aren't so likeable but collectively they add the necessary light and shade which make this into a compelling historical saga.

I've now read several of this author's historical novels and I've enjoyed them all, but I think Beneath A Frosty Moon is is my favourite to date.

Thanks to the publisher, I have  a copy of Beneath A Frosty Moon to give away to one UK winner of this giveaway.

Rita Bradshaw was born in Northamptonshire, where she lives today. At the age of sixteen she met her husband –whom she considers her soulmate – and they have two daughters and a son, and several grandchildren. To her delight, Rita’s first novel was accepted for publication and she has gone on to write many more successful novels since, including the number one bestseller Dancing in the Moonlight.

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  1. A great review, not my usual cup of tea, but this book sounds really good.


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