Thursday 15 November 2018

Blog Tour~ The Winters by Lisa Gabriele

Jaffareadstoo is delighted to be on the Blog Tour for The Winters

It is my great pleasure to welcome the author, Lisa Gabriele to the blog today

Hi Lisa. How important is location to your writing, and did you visit any the places you describe in your novel?

Location is everything, and yes, I make extensive visits to the places I write about, if I’m not already familiar with them. For this book, I’d spent some time in the Cayman Islands, lucky me. And I took a few trips to Long Island, doing weird things like trying to find densely populated forests where a conflagration might occur. I stumbled upon the Suffolk County Museum and read about Gardiner’s Island, which became a template for my Winter’s Island, including some of the nefarious ways the Gardiners have kept the land in the family.

Are you a plotter...or ...a start writing and see where it takes you sort of writer? 

I have become a plotter. I used to wing it a little, but things tend to turn flaccid if you have to leave the work for a spell. Now, once I find the voice and the main characters, I step back and roughly outline the path I’m going to take with them. I usually have a sense of how I want to end things, though the actual writing of the book will take you on a few detours. But yes, I like a plot and they take work and a lot of forethought, but to me it’s the most enjoyable part, even if sometimes I’m left flat on my back staring at the ceiling trying to write my way out of a jam.

What were the challenges you faced whilst writing this novel?

Writing a modern response to a book as beloved as Rebecca was a tricky tightrope walk. I didn’t want to tread too closely to the original, or stray too far away. I wanted to pay homage to the book, but depart from it as well, in order to create something that stands alone. It was a balancing act, with a lot of trial and error. But in the end, it was one of the most satisfying creative experiences of my life. I hope that shows.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Go to my website,; there you’ll find some recent essays and a bit about my other novels. I am also on Instagram and Twitter at @lisagabrieletv.

Here is a bit of a spoof I made when I was the showrunner on the Canadian version of Dragons’ Den, which doubled as a promotional video for my second novel.

You can see here how seriously I take myself.

(As you can see by the comments, some people thought I was serious.)

I tweeted the new video a friend made for The Winters. You see, I’ve changed.

About the Book

Harvill Secker
Penguin Random House
15 November 2018

After a whirlwind romance, a young woman returns to the opulent, secluded mansion of her new fiancé Max Winter - a wealthy senator and recent widower - and a life of luxury she’s never known. But all is not as it appears at the Asherley estate. The house is steeped in the memory of Max’s beautiful first wife Rebekah, who haunts the young woman’s imagination and feeds her uncertainties, while his very alive teenage daughter Dani makes her life a living hell.

As the soon-to-be second Mrs. Winter grows more in love with Max, and more afraid of Dani, she is drawn deeper into the family’s dark secrets - the kind of secrets that could kill her, too.

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