Thursday 26 July 2018

Review ~ The Rest of Me by Katie Marsh

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26 July 2018

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book

What's it all about...

Alex Fox knows there are lots of things she should be.

She should be the perfect wife to her chronically ill husband Sam, and the perfect mother to their two daughters. She should be excelling in her high-stress job. And she should be completing the demanding to-do lists she makes to keep herself on track.

Even if, just sometimes, she doesn't have time to breathe.

When Sam's condition worsens and Alex donates a kidney to save his life, her carefully scheduled existence starts to unravel - eventually forcing her to face up to a past that she has buried for years.

As the family she has fought so hard for threatens to fall apart, can Alex finally confront the mistakes that have shaped her - and rediscover what is most important in life.

My thoughts about it...

With every Katie Marsh book I have read, there is always, from the very start, an emotional connection with her characters which continues through the whole of the story.

In The Rest of Me we meet Alex Fox who, in order to save a life, has just donated one of her kidneys to her chronically sick husband, and whilst this altruistic gesture is made with all the love in the world, Alex doesn't bounce back quite as quickly as she thought she would. Add into the mix, her slow recuperation, a highly stressful career and two daughters who are each facing their own problems and you have the perfect ingredients for a complex family drama.

As always, the author draws you into the difficulties of family life, and piece by intricate piece we come to learn about what has gone on before, and of the problems which beset them in the here and now. How they cope individually with these problems forms the core of the story, which is quite heart-breaking at times.

Beautifully written with the author's trademark compassion and her unique ability to bring her characters alive in the imagination, The Rest of Me is one of those wonderfully immersive stories which takes you by the hand and leads you into heart of a family struggling to deal with the hand that fate has dealt them. How they come through it all makes for perfect summer reading.

Katie Marsh is one of the most talented voices in women's fiction. Her beiautiful life affirming stories about families and relatinships leave you aneting to hug the people you love just that lutte bit tigher, Her first three novels have sold over 230,000 copies.

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