Monday 29 January 2018

Review ~ Angelica Stone by Susi Osborne

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My thanks to the author for my review copy of this book

What's it all about...

Following years of sexual abuse and resulting psychological trauma, Angelica Stone has learnt to rely solely on herself. Unwilling to allow anyone to get close to her, Angelica is reluctant to allow her work colleague Lola into her life. Lola, in contrast to the damaged Angelica, is from what appears to be a happy middle-class family. But all is not what it seems…

An unlikely bond is formed between the two as they learn more about each other. As they become closer, a series of life-changing events leave Lola on the verge of ruin. Will the friends be able to better themselves and have the lives they so desperately want? Or will they succumb to the expectations and the path already laid out for them?

My thoughts...

This rather unusual book took me by surprise as I wasn't, from reading the first pages, expecting to read such a dark and, at times, quite disturbing story about two very different young women, who first meet as co-workers, and then whose lives intertwine in a fascinating, fly on the wall, sort of way.

Lola and Angelica's backgrounds couldn't be more different and yet, they form a bond of friendship which will prove to be their salvation when things in their lives start to change. That they form this bond is to their credit and makes for interesting reading.

The story moves from some laugh out loud funny moments, to times when I didn't quite believe what I was reading, but through it all the author maintains a light and easy style of writing, which despite the darker elements, draws you in so that you are compelled to read on just to see how the story eventually plays out.

It's rather difficult to say too much about Angelica Stone as it would give far too much away, but my main thoughts on finishing the book was just how well written it was, and how much I liked the author's natural ability to make this unusual story into a very readable account of the power of friendship and the strength of self discovery.

Susi Osborne worked within the library service and now runs Northwick LitFest in Cheshire, where she lives. Susi also worked as a classroom assistant in a junior school and, in addition, has had first hand experience of social workers and the adoption system.


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