Sunday 23 July 2017

Sunday WW1 Remembered....

I enjoy reading books set during WW1 which cover as wide a range as possible. 

In July I will share my favourites, some non fiction and some fiction

First Edition
Ebury Press

In 1972 the Imperial War Museum set about the momentous task of tracing ordinary veterans and survivors of the First World War and interviewing them in detail about their wartime experiences.

With unlimited access o the complete WW1 tape recordings , the author  and his researchers created this landmark history book which acts as a poignant reminder of all that happened over one hundred years ago ensuring that those brave men and women will ever be forgotten

In all the history books that describe the events that happened during the momentous years of the Great War, it's sometimes easy to forget the voices of those ordinary soldiers who answered the call of duty and who embarked on the greatest adventure of their lives. For some it would be their only adventure as they met their fate in the mud and blood of a foreign field. For those who returned home life would never be the same again. Lost and bewildered in a fog of shell shock, with lungs irretrievably damaged by gas and stench, and with hearts and minds made heavy by man's inhumanity to man, an entire generation had their youth and vitality stolen from them, in a world that would never be the same again.

In Forgotten Voices of the Great War, the author Max Arthur, brings to the life the stories of those men and women who fought and died during the 1914-1918 conflict.  It is their words which express so powerfully the scenes and events which, over a hundred years later, remain significant and for anyone with an interest in WW1 this book  should always be compulsive reading.

You can find out more about the Forgotten Voices of the Great War by clicking here



  1. I think the imperial war museum in Manchester is amazing, such brilliant stories and information, it's so awe-inspiring. I'm just going to go and investigate this book now, thanks!

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I enjoy visiting the IWM North too! There's always something fascinating to learn about this period in history.

      This is a great book, full of interesting stories.


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