Thursday 20 July 2017

Review ~ Fall Out by Lizzy Mumfrey

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What's it all about..

Fall Out is a novel about an archetypal commuter village, home to a colourful range of residents many of whose teenagers go to the local Academy. An ordinary day becomes extraordinary when a school trip to London coincides with a terrorist attack. The fallout affects residents in diverse ways. Who lives and who dies is just the start as irrational suspicions and prejudice lead to unreasonable blame. Friendships are fractured and buried secrets are revealed.

What did I think about it...

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester this book was difficult to read and even more difficult to review since the subject is both subjective and prominent in our daily lives.

Putting reality on one side, this book doesn't focus on the whys and wherefores but then neither does it shy away from the repercussions of such a tragedy occurring, or of the impact that such a devastating event has on those who are inadvertently caught up in it.

This debut author writes well and offers a realistic version of how a community can either pull together or quite literally, fall apart in light of such a tragedy. I liked how the writing showed the minutiae of life, both the good and the bad of human nature, and of the unpredictability of just going about your daily business. There are an abundance of characters which takes some getting used to, some I liked more than others, but all are written with a fine eye for detail and a sense of lively dialogue.

Fall Out is a thought provoking and rather topical story which may not be to everyone's taste at the moment, however, I commend the author for tackling such a difficult and emotive subject in a very readable style.

More about the author can be found on her website by clicking here  or see what she writes on her blog by clicking here

My thanks to the author for sharing her work with me


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