Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sunday WW1 Remembered...

On the 25th February 1917

RMS Laconia was on her way back from the USA to England when she was torpedoed in the Atlantic Ocean 160 nautical miles (300km) North West by West of Fastnet Rock.

Fastnet Carraig Aonair.jpg
Fastnet Lighthouse

Of the 74 passengers and 217 crew, a total of 12 people were killed : 6 Passengers and 6 crew. Two of the passengers who died were American citizens, and it was the death of Mrs Mary Hoy, and her daughter Elizabeth, which raised public support in the US for some intervention in the war. A Chicago Tribune war reporter, Mr Floyd Gibbons was also aboard the Laconia and his reporting of the event was much publicised.

RMS Laconia at New York.
RMS Laconia

In March 2009 the wreck of the Laconia was found about 160 nautical miles (300km) off the coast of Ireland. The wreck was claimed by a commercial archaeology company, Odyssey Marine Exploration Company and became the focus of the Discovery Channel's Treasure Chest series of TV Programmes, entitled 'The Silver Queen'.

On the 26th February 1917

Steamship Dido

Whilst sailing from Hull to Bombay SS Dido a passenger/cargo ship was lying at anchor during a heavy snow storm just north of the Humber. At 06:15 she was hit by a violent explosion due to detonating a mine. The freezing conditions of the North Sea hampered any rescue attempt by the nearby Belgian steamer Martha. The Dido sank at around 07:20 some 4 nautical miles North North East of Spurn Lightship.

In total 27 lives were lost. These included 26 crew and one stowaway, 3 survivors were picked up by Martha and landed at Hull. Some of the bodies were recovered and are laid to rest in Commonwealth War Graves at sites in Hull.

The wreckage has been identified.


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