Saturday 7 May 2022

Blogoversary ~ Jaffareadstoo is eleven today!!


Eleven years ago, and after after much consideration, Jaffareadstoo was born. With no real idea of what I was doing, or if anyone would even want to read my musings on the books I have read, I decided to take the plunge and sign up to a blogging website.

Since then I have created over 3600 book reviews, interviewed lots of lovely authors, promoted, shouted and squealed in delight at some of the books I have been so privileged to read. I still get a real sense of delight when a book pops onto my kindle, or drops through the letterbox and I am deeply indebted to the talented authors, their conscientious publishers and the wonderful blog tour organisers who continue to send books my way and who invite me onto their blog tours.

As most of you know I lost my lovely Jaffa last year and for a time I seriously considered giving up blogging but my love of books, and reading, won through in the end. Although Jaffa is sadly missed, it is still his name above the door and one that is now well recognised in the book world.

So, today on our eleventh blogoversary, Jaffareadstoo continues to go forward, a little bit bruised and missing a vital piece, but always with the love of books... and cats, in my heart  πŸ“– 😸

A donation will be made to the National Literacy Trust

And to all our blog readers, Timmy and I are so grateful for your continuing support


  1. Happy blog birthday Jo and congratulations. We all miss Jaffa but this way we all remember him too! x


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