Saturday 3 October 2020

Featured Book of the Month ~ You and Me by Nicola Rayner

1 October 2020

My thanks to the publishers for my ecopy of this book


Watching sunrises together should have been romantic.But you were always inside with your wife, and I sat in your garden, in the shadows. I thought you’d never know how I felt about you.

Until one night, I witnessed a terrible crime.

I wanted it to bring us closer together. But now the secrets are tumbling out.

And they could tear everything apart…

What did I think about it..

You and Me is a creepy little story which takes the meaning of stalking to a whole new level. Fran has been obsessed with Charles Fry since they were at school. Now in her mid-thirties, Fran is reluctant to live her lonely life without some sort of contact with Charles as she really believes that they were meant to be together. However, Charles is married, with a beautiful wife, and twin daughters, and by comparison, Fran is frumpy, old before her time, and doesn't compare favourably. 

What then follows is a well put together study in toxic relationships as not only does the book focus on Fran's obsession with Charles but it also features a mystery concerning the whereabouts of  Ellie, Fran's younger sister, and her niece, Rose, who she can only contact sporadically, via Facebook.

The story is quite dark in places and opens up several terrible secrets from Fran's past all of which come to light when she witnesses something catastrophic on the London Underground. This dreadful situation acts as a catalyst for how the rest of the story eventually plays out. The characterisation throughout is excellent and even though you know Fran's obsession borders on the dangerous, she is never vindictive or cruel, in fact she's rather a sad and lost figure, I really came to like her and could understand why she acted in the way that she did. However,throughout the story there's definitely a creeping sort of menace which the author uses to great advantage and which fills you with a sense of dread as the story progresses. 

It's not often I don't figure out what's going on well before the final denouement but in You and Me I really didn't see what was coming and that is what makes this story such a compulsive and addictive sort of read and it's why I'm delighted to have it as my Featured Book of the Month 😊

About the Author

Nicola Rayner was born in Abergavenny, south Wales, and works as a freelance journalist, specialising in dance and travel. The Girl Before You, her debut novel, was runner-up in the Cheltenham First Novel Competition in 2018. She lives in London with her husband and Jack Russell.

Twitter @Nico1aRayner #YouandMe


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