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Review ~ The F Word by Lily Pebbles

8 March 2018

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book

Modern female friendship is the subject of this book which looks at the whys and wherefores of friendship and what makes some relationships last forever, whilst others are fleeting and disappear almost as quickly as they come.

The author writes with enthusiasm, taking us back in time to her first best friend made at primary school, and then through to those friendship groups made when older. Interspersed throughout are diaries entries and illustrations made when the author was younger and which highlight the trials and tribulations of girl groupings when boys start to come into the equation. I read through the sections quickly and enjoyed reading the author's thoughts about the various situations that girl friends often find themselves in, like arranging hen parties and what happens when, inevitably, female friends fall out with each other.

This recipe for friendship made me smile.

125g loyalty
140g empathy, melted 
2 cups of support
110g of trust
2 litres of self confidence
150g time

Throughout the book I was reminded of my own friendship groups. I've had some close friends for many years whilst others have been made in more recent times and with them all I know instinctively that if I ever needed any of them they would be there for me in an instant and vice versa. I think what this book emphasises is that it's not about how many female friends we have but rather it's the quality of those friendship groups, and of the love and understanding found in those close friends who have been with us through good times and bad.

In this confusing time of social media when everyone shares their data with hundreds of 'friends' online, perhaps it does well from time to time to stop and consider just how many are true friends. 

About the Author

Lily Pebbles has been blogging since 2010 and is one of the pioneers of the industry. She's amassed a league of loyal followers pf her blog and self-named You Tube channel for content that covers, beauty style and advice. Lily is the co-host of the hugely popular 'At Home With' podcast.

The F Word is her first book


Twitter @lilypebbles


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