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Review ~ Cold Feet : The Lost Years by Carmel Harrington

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Hodder & Stoughton
7 September

THE LOST YEARS reveals what happened to your favourite characters between series five and six of the award-winning TV series written by Mike Bullen. It's an irresistible chance to catch up on all the laughter, the tears, the life lessons we missed while they were gone.

My thoughts about the book..

Well, first off, it must be said that I am huge fan of Cold Feet and felt bereft when the original series ended, leaving so much left unsaid, and so much still to be revealed, which is why this book really works as it fills us in on the events which happened during the lost years when these well loved characters were missing from our TV screens.

I must admit to feeling a smidgen of trepidation as I opened this book as I so much wanted for it to blend seamlessly and for the characters to still have that delicious quirkiness about them which I had grown to love so much from watching them on screen. I wasn't disappointed, the author has captured the essence of the characters so very well that they appear uninterrupted in the imagination and continue as if there had never been any sort of lull in the story. As always, the characters made me laugh out loud and yet, they also made me a little bit sad, but such is the nature of the Cold Feet phenomenon, there's always a clever mix of light and shade which is continued in this novel.

I think that the author has been really brave for taking on such a massive task as I am sure there are some Cold Feet purists who would argue that the action will always work better on television but, for me, the novel worked really well as not only did it give an added dimension to the story, but also allowed me a privileged glimpse into the past as I went back in time to the lost years.

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The seventh series of Cold Feet returns to ITV1 on Friday 8th September at 9pm

My thanks to Veronique at Hodder & Stoughton for my review copy of Cold Feet: The Lost Years


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