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Blog Tour ~ Copy Cat by Alex Lake

Harper Collins
5 September 2017


The gripping new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of After Anna and Killing Kate.

When an old friend gets in touch, Sarah Havenant discovers that there are two Facebook profiles in her name. One is hers. The other, she has never seen.

But everything in it is accurate. Photos of her friends, her husband, her kids. Photos from the day before. Photos of her new kitchen. Photos taken inside her house.

And this is just the beginning. Because whoever has set up the second profile has been waiting for Sarah to find it. And now that she has, her life will no longer be her own…

My thoughts about it ...

When Sarah Havenant discovers that she has two Facebook profiles, she is stunned to find that one of them hasn't been initiated by her, and even though the content relates to her life and family, she is not the one posting the information. Using social media to mess with someone's mind is a very modern modus operandi and presents a real challenge, and as Sarah is about to discover, to her cost, friends aren't always what they seem on the surface.

To say much more would be to give away far too much about this cleverly controlled psychological thriller which starts to crank up the tension from very early on in the novel. There is so much going on, both in terms of Sarah's connection with her friends and also in her relationship with her husband, Ben, and her children, Faye, Miles and Kim. However, it is in the stylishly accomplished takeover of Sarah's life where the story really starts to bite deep.

To say that this novel is creepy is to underestimate the term, 'creepy' as, very quickly, the subtle picking away at Sarah's confidence gathers momentum and it becomes apparent that sinister forces are at work, with the sole intention of destroying everything that Sarah holds dear. The individual chapters which are voiced by the unknown perpetrator are full of hatred and malice and allow a tantalising glimpse into a really tortured mind.

I raced through Copy Cat at top speed as the short, sharp chapters lend themselves to speedy reading and as the story get deeper and deeper into the plot, so the need to know more about what is going to happen next in this taut thriller gets more and more compelling.

They do say that you should keep your enemies close and your friends even closer, which in terms of this tense psychological suspense story is rather a good idea.

Alex Lake is a British novelist who was born in the North West of England. After Anna, the author's first novel written under this pseudonym, was a  No. 1 bestselling ebook sensation and a top-ten Sunday Times  best seller. The author now lives in the North East of the US.

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My thanks to Felicity at Harper Collins for the invitation to be part of this blog tour
and also for my review copy of Copy Cat


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