Sunday 27 August 2017

Sunday WW1 Remembered..

I enjoy reading books set during WW1 which cover as wide a range as possible. 

In August I will share more of my favourites

Battlefields of the Western Front 1914-1918
One Hundred Years on 

Written by Simon Doughty

Photographs by James Kerr

Helion & Company

The landscape of the Western Front has changed beyond recognition in the one hundred years since the First World War however, there are still remnants of the horror to be found in the fields and furrows and in the shadowy recesses of small villages who shield the worst of their memories in their gently rolling fields and quiet copses.

But look more closely and you will see that beneath the surface the scars and wounds remain, forever etched on a landscape that will always bear the burden of so much loss and destruction.

This is a stunning book with perceptive prose and evocative images...


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