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September 2015

***Happy Publication Day***

 You Think You Know Me is published in paperback and all other e-book platforms from 

7th September 2015

Clare ~ Welcome to Jaffareadstoo

Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Jo! It’s lovely to be here.

Where did you get the first flash of inspiration for your novel, You Think You Know Me? 

I was watching a documentary about psychopaths, which emphasised how their charisma can disguise their emotional detachment. It made me think how much I tend to take people at face value, and how dangerous the consequences of that might be. 

Tell us three interesting things about your novel which will pique the reader’s interest? 

It’s a murder mystery that starts on Halloween, when Anna Morris meets a charming stranger at a smart gallery party. She falls for him on sight, but finds he’s given her a false name. 

The story’s set in the arts world, where paintings exchange hands for a fortune, rivalries are rife and the desire to own something unique is a powerful force. 

Much of the action takes place in London, in a frenetic, wintery world of bright lights, smart restaurants and parties. But, eventually, Anna’s search for the truth leads her to the Lake District, with its towering mountains, lonely roads and isolated cottages. 

Why do you choose to write in your particular genre? 

It’s the genre I most enjoy reading. There were lots of crime paperbacks lying around when I was a child, as my mother and grandmother also enjoyed them, and that got me hooked. I started out on golden age crime, then moved on to Dick Francis, PD James and Ruth Rendell later in my teens. I also really enjoyed Mary Stewart’s romantic thrillers. 

Are you a plotter...or ...a start writing and see where it takes you, sort of writer? 

Definitely a plotter. Personally, I find having a plan lets my writing flow. Because I know where I’m going, I can get my first draft down quite quickly, without worrying I’ll plot myself into a corner! Not that anything’s set in stone – I always have unexpected ideas as I write, and modify as I go. 

Do you write the type of books you like to read and which authors influence you? 

Although I love reading crime fiction best, I enjoy lots of other books too, from comedies and love stories to historicals. My influences are many and varied, and include Sue Grafton and the writers mentioned above. In particular, it was reading Mary Stewart’s novels that made me want to write suspenseful adventures with strong heroines and dashing but enigmatic male leads! 

When do you find the time to write, and do you have a favourite place to do your writing? 

I have a part-time day job, so I write around that and family commitments. I’ve got a very small laptop that’s easy to cart around, which really helps! Although I’m happy to write pretty much anywhere, my favourite place is our dining room. It’s very light and overlooks the garden. 

Can you tell us if you have another novel planned? 

Yes, my second novel’s actually due out in December. It’s another murder mystery, this time set in my home city of Cambridge, and is the start of a new series. Meanwhile, I’ve written a novella sequel to You Think You Know Me, which is with Choc Lit’s reading panel at the moment.

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My thoughts about You Think You Know Me

Anna Morris is a freelance journalist working in London when she gets invited, by her friend and gallery owner Sebastian Rice, to view an art exhibition by the mysterious artist, Zachariah Shakespeare. At the gallery she meets the enigmatic Darrick Fallon, a mysterious figure who appears to know rather more about Anna than is at first welcome. However, Anna is beguiled by Fallon and quickly becomes embroiled in the art world, a world of which she knows nothing, but which very soon threatens to overwhelm her.

The mystery at the heart of the story is well controlled. There is a tense atmosphere throughout the whole of the story and the numerous twists and turns in the plot kept my interest well. I like not knowing what characters are going to do next, and I’m pleased to say that I was kept guessing, particularly by Fallon. The other characters, who flit into and out of the story, especially Anna’s friends, add another interesting layer to the story ,which is a nice contrast to what’s happening overall. I think to say more would be to reveal too much of the plot, but the main feeling I take away from the novel is that we never really know people and that there is always room for surprises, secrets and occasionally regret.

I think this is a really good debut novel, by an author who clearly loves to tell a good story and I’m sure that her writing career will continue to go from strength to strength.

I would certainly read more of her work in the future.

Huge thanks to Clare for sharing her novel with me and for being such a lovely guest on my blog today.



  1. This sounds just the kind of book I'd like to read. Murder mystery set in London's art world, just my cup of tea. Thank you for introducing me to Clare Chase. Hx

    1. Hi Helena - It's lovely to see you again. Hope you enjoy Clare's book :)

  2. Congratulations to Clare on her paperback publication!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me, Jo, and for the lovely review of You Think You Know Me!

    1. Hi Clare - Thank you for sharing your book with me and for being such a lovely guest on my blog . :) x

  4. Congratulations Clare - and like Jo, I really enjoyed You Think You Know Me :-)

    1. Hi Kathryn - Thanks for visiting. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Clare's lovely story :)


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