Wednesday 9 September 2015

Review ~ The Liar by Nora Roberts

Little Brown Book Group UK

Shelby Pomeroy has to come to terms with her husband Richard's death, whilst at the same time being burdened with a spiraling level of debt. With little knowledge of her husband's business affairs, Shelby knows that in order to pay back the staggering mount of money that is owed by overspending on credit cards and house purchases, she must do everything she can to make amends and also she must be able to provide a stable future for her four year old daughter, Callie. Returning home to Tennessee, Shelby is welcomed back by her family and with a supportive network of people around her, she hopes to be able to readjust to life as a young widow. But Richard's shady business deals means that he has made dangerous enemies and Shelby is about to find out just how much Richard has kept from her.

Nora Roberts' unique brand of story telling draws you into a story that is deliciously and unashamedly romantic,  And yet, even though The Liar, has a rather dark edge to it there is never any gratuitous violence, and you always know that the good guy will win in the end, and the bad guy will get his comeuppance. There's the usual detailed characterisation, with some wonderful interaction between Shelby and her mother and grandmother, both of whom I wish I could meet in person, and of course, there is the handsome and rather perfect Griffin, who from their first meeting, is smitten by the sombre young widow and her delightful little girl.

I always look upon a new Nora Robert's story as a real indulgent treat, and even though I've been reading her books for the last twenty years, I can only count a couple of her stories which didn't work for me. This one certainly worked for me.

It's as deliciously dark as a cup of hot chocolate but there's also a smattering of sticky pink marshmallows to keep the edges as sweet as candy.

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My thanks to NetGalley and Little Brown Book Group UK for sharing this book with me.


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