Friday 4 September 2015

Review ~ Blind Arrows by Anthony J Quinn

No Exit Press
23 September 2015

The early twentieth century and the tumultuous affairs of Ireland feature prominently in this story of treachery and subterfuge, skilfully weaving between the political strife in Dublin in 1919, and the story of Lily Merrin, a young secretary at Dublin Castle, who becomes embroiled in a political backlash. After a chance encounter with Lily, Martin Kant, an English journalist, is concerned when he learns that she has gone missing and sets out on a mission to track Lily down. However, these are dangerous times, and Martin’s involvement is not without extreme risk. Intertwining the story with that of the charismatic revolutionary IRA leader, Michael Collins, gives an authentic historical feel to the narrative, and the air of menace which ensues, allows the story to evolve in compelling detail.

I’m always impressed by this author’s ability to tell a good story. He obviously writes about subjects he cares passionately for, and, in Blind Arrows, he shows the very human side of political strife. The characterisation is good, and the added inclusion of real political figures makes the story all the more thought-provoking. Inevitably, as the history of the period shows, this was a dangerous time in Irish politics, and the multi-layered stranding of the story clearly emphasises the uncertainty of living through such treacherous times.

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My thanks to Real Readers and NoExit Press for my copy of this book to read in advance of its publication.


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