Saturday 19 September 2015

Review ~ Killing Eva by Alex Blackmore

No Exit Press

To be published  November 2015

What's it about:

Eva Scott is wanted . . . dead.

Witnessing a dramatic murder at London’s Waterloo Station has recalled events in Paris and Paraguay that previously shattered her world. The man’s last words on the station concourse awakened a history that Eva had thought long buried. But the past is about to be resurrected, in all its brutal reality.

Eva finds herself facing terrifying danger. A genetic coding key is keeping her alive – but foreshadowing her death. Inextricably linked to her survival is a plan to destabilise the structure of the global economy, and trusting the wrong person could prove fatal. . .

Fighting is futile. Escape is impossible. Survival is everything.

My thoughts :

When Eva Scott is confronted by a dying man at London's Waterloo station, she is ill prepared for the cataclysmic events which follow her. Always keeping one step ahead of danger is a difficult task,and for Eva, her entire future is irrevocably linked with a past she is trying to escape. The novel gets off to a cracking start and the intricacy of the plot develops really well, and as the story progresses you can't help but be taken in by this modern day thriller. There are lots of twists and turns in the story, and, almost like a jigsaw puzzle you have to piece the clues together, which is an absorbing task. 

When the puzzle starts to come together, I started to gel more with Eva's character, as I'm afraid at first, I didn't like her over much. And also, if I'm perfectly honest, I have to say that I struggled with the story and had to keep backtracking to try and make sense of where the plot was taking me. This is not because the story is badly done, far from, it's exceedingly well written, it's just that not having read the first Eva Scott thriller, Lethal Profit, I felt a bit lost by the references to what had happened previously, and I couldn't always understand fully just what Eva was coping with from the previous story.

However, my overall impression is this is a story from a very competent writer, who clearly spends a lot of time developing her characters and this shows in the strength of purpose that exudes from Eva, who is a feisty and determined protagonist. I am sure that readers who are following this series will be delighted with this continuation but for those new to Eva Scott, for greater enjoyment,  my advice would be to start at the beginning with Lethal Profit.


Alex Blackmore

               My thanks to Real Readers and No Exit Press for my review copy of this book.


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