Saturday 30 May 2015

Review ~ Victorian Fairy Tales : Edited by Michael Newton

Oxford University Press

I love Victorian Fairy Tales and this volume contains a selection of some of the finest stories. Nestled amongst the better known tales lie some hidden gems which fire the imagination and feed the soul and anyone who loves Victorian melodrama will be as beguiled as I was with the contents. There is a good selection on offer , from the well known by the great and the good of the Victorian literati, to some lesser known works, which sit equally as comfortably side by side with the greats.

The book has been thoughtfully complied with a fine eye for detail. The stories are mixed and varied and the  comprehensive introduction by Michael Newton places the stories into the context of their time. If you enjoy well written short stories which contain elements of mystery, pure melodrama and more than a hint of the paranormal then I am sure that you will find this beautiful book as intriguing as I did.

The cover is sumptuous and looks like it could have stepped straight out from a roll of William Morris wallpaper.It really is one of those books that you could find yourself dipping into and out of at whim and  it would be a stunning addition to any book shelf. 

My thanks to Oxford University Press and NetGalley for my copy of this book,


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