Saturday 9 May 2015

Review ~ The Friendship Tree by Helen J Rolfe

Crooked Cat Publishing
Tamara Harding leaves the UK for Australia in order to to put some space, and miles, between herself and her ex, Bradley Cox. She is soon drawn into the close knit community of Brewer Creek where she becomes the coordinator of The Friendship Tree, a community project which helps people in times of need. 

When Tamara’s life start to intertwine with that of the charismatic vet, Jake Manning, her life starts to get more and more complicated, add into the mix, an ex who won’t give up and you have all the ingredients of a complicated love triangle.

Nicely written, with a fine eye for detail, The Friendship Tree draws you in from the beginning and becomes a fascinating look at relationships and the problems that can be encountered by keeping secrets from those we love.

This is a good dรฉbut novel from an author who I am sure will continue to go from strength to strength.

My thanks to the author for sharing her novel with me .


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