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Lindsey Kelk ~ Always the Bridesmaid Blog Tour 2015

Jaffa and I are thrilled to be part of the Always the Bridesmaid Blog Tour

Harper Fiction
7 May 2015

Previously a children’s book editor and columnist for Marie Claire, Lindsey is now a full-time writer and lives in the US, where she has just relocated from New York to LA. She is a forthright and humorous commentator on everything from pressure on women to have children, to dating in the Big Apple, and her journalism has appeared across the national press.
She is published in 22 countries and has sold over 1 million books worldwide. An early adopter of social media, Lindsey has an army of thirty thousand dedicated followers on Facebook and Twitter. She
has written nine novels, including the bestselling I Heart… series and The Single Girl’s To Do List, and her latest novels, About a Girl and What A Girl Wants were both Sunday Times top ten bestsellers.

Welcome back to Jaffareadstoo Lindsey and thanks for inviting us to be part of your blog tour for 

What gave you the idea for writing Always the Bridesamaid ?

Really it came from observing the relationships of my friends. We’re mostly in our early to mid-thirties but we’re all over the place on the relationship spectrum, some single, some dating, some married and other breaking up or getting divorced. It can very odd to be the centre of all of these relationships – brunch was a battleground!  I love writing about the things that affect our day to day lives, as well as friendships, so it all sort of fell into place after that.

Tell us a bit more about the novel.

Always the Bridesmaid is Maddie’s story but it’s not really a story about being a bridesmaid, it’s a story about allowing yourself to be pushed into a bridesmaid position in your life. Maddie is so used to coming second -  with her friends, her family, her career – that she doesn’t even realise there’s another way to live anymore. This is the story of how that changes for her. Also, there are runaway storks, a margarita fountain and some dip dyed rabbits. It’s fun.

Whilst you are writing you must live with your characters. How do you feel about them when the book is finished? Are they what you expected them to be? 

They always change on the way through the book and I love seeing what happens to them, there’s usually one or two surprises along the way. I really, really loved writing Maddie because she went from being an observer of other people’s lives to a real ass kicker – albeit a realistic one. She really had me cheering for her at the end.

How do you manage to balance writing with your everyday life and what do you do to relax?

Badly! I’m terrible, no discipline whatsoever so my deadline dates tend to loom heavy on the horizon while I’m lounging on the settee watching anything and everything on TV. I moved to LA in January and I have to say, I’ve become a touch more outdoorsy which is great for me but a nightmare for my workload. Another reason not to be at the laptop!

What can we look forward to next from you?

More inane tweeting and blogs about make up? Oh, and Tess is back in A Girl’s Best Friend on November 5th , if I ever turn off The Vampire Diaries.

More about Lindsey on her website

Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LindseyKelk


My Review of Always the Bridesmaid

When Lauren surprises her friends, Sarah and Maddie with the delightful news that she is to be married, it should have been a time of joyful preparation but Sarah is in the throes of a painful divorce and wedding planner, Maddie is in the middle of one of the worst work crisis of her career.

What then follows is a delightful look at female friendship, the agonies of relationships and the whole range of problems that comes with work, men and event planning.

I started the book at lunchtime on a warm day in the garden and didn’t look up, apart from copious cups of my favourite Darjeeling tea, until I had finished the book some ten hours later. To say I loved it is an understatement. I devoured it, laughed out loud with it, immersed myself in it and uttered a huge sigh of completion when it ended just the way I wanted it to.

If you love Lindsey Kelk’s books you really won’t be disappointed with this one, and if you haven’t yet discovered this delightful rom -com writer ,then you can do no wrong by starting with this one. 

It’s excellent from start to finish.

Huge thanks to Lindsey and to Harper Fiction for the invitation to be part of this exciting blog tour.


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