Saturday, 9 May 2015

Review ~ Blood for Blood by D S Allen


Blood for Blood recounts the story of the latter stages of the English Civil War when the country was out to seek revenge on those who continued to wreak havoc on a country torn apart by bloodshed. 

What then follows is an interesting account of a troubled and dangerous period in English history. 

The story starts well, the narrative flows, and there are enough twists and turns in plot to make interesting reading. The story of revenge is well thought out and whilst the two male protagonists are very different men, they are each principled in their own way and their very differences will forever pit them against each other. The inclusion into the story of the rise in witchcraft mania adds an extra dimension; to what is in effect a story of bloodshed, revenge and maniacal retribution on a grand scale.

It is obvious that the author has spent considerable time and energy in researching this period in history and writes with great enthusiasm. 

My thanks to the author for sharing this debut novel with me .

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