Thursday 28 May 2015

Review ~ Dacre's War by Rosemary Goring

16 June 2015

Dacre’s War is set in the border lands between England and Scotland. It’s a shadowy place where old memories lie deep, and when Adam Crozier, the head of a powerful border family learns that Thomas Dacre, now Warden General of the English marches and one of the most powerful men in England, is responsible for his father’s death, the possibility of vengeance lies heavy on Crozier’s mind.
Dacre’s War is the sequel to the book ‘After Flodden’ and sees a welcome return of some of the characters who featured heavily in the first novel. The writing is good, the plot complex and convoluted and the vivid portrayal of life in the early part of the sixteenth century is well explained. Beautifully reminiscent of a dark and dangerous time, the novel cleverly combines fascinating story-telling with acknowledged historical facts, and immerses the reader in a tale of revenge and retaliation on a grand scale. Whilst, at the same time, the story brings to glorious life, the dangerous heartlands of the border country, a land used to brutal and bloody fighting, and a place where life was cheap and the settling of old scores was the overriding principle of survival.

Overall, this is a commendable continuation of the story and although easily readable as a standalone novel, for greater enjoyment the books are best read in sequence.

My thanks to and Polygon for my copy of Dacre's War

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  1. Jo, her books are not published in the US and I almost picked up a couple at a charity shop in Scotland and am kicking myself for not ever since I got home. Only so much goes in a suitcase though! I did bring home 54 books!

  2. Wow Peggy ..respect !! 54 books take some carrying back to the US - hope you got some great reads !!
    Maybe you will visit the UK again to replenish your books stocks !!


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