Wednesday 20 December 2017

Review ~ 1,423 QI Facts To Bowl You Over

Faber and Faber
October 2017

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book

The eye-popping, gob-smacking, rib-tickling phenomenon that is QI serves up a brand new selection of 1,423 facts to bowl you over.

Christmas isn't complete without one of these intelligent and immaculately researched little books. I love the downright obscure, the amazingly factual, and the mind boggling stupendousness of the variety of facts which never fail to entertain.

It's a great book to have on stand by for that lull in the Christmas proceedings, you know the one, it's after the main course, and before the pudding, when guests are girding their loins for the next onslaught of calories. So stop and digest a while and keep everyone entertained with 1,423 facts that you never knew you needed to know.

Here's a little appetiser:

No centipede has ever been found with exactly 100 legs...

The most misspelled word in the English language is seperate .....oops, Separate...

Dragonflies can see directly behind themselves...

And after that little snippet you can go off and discover the other 1420 QI facts for yourselves...go on, treat yourself, it's a perfect gift for Christmas.

Easy to read in just a couple of hours, with the added inclusion of a source finder so that all the facts can be verified, make this an ideal resource for anyone who has an interest in discovering just a little bit more about any of the facts contained in the book.

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1,423 QI Facts To Bowl You Over is complied by John Lloyd, James Harkin and Anne Miller


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