Wednesday 29 March 2017

Review ~ Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

December 2016

What's it all about ..

You’ve been hold captive in one room.
You’ve been mentally and physically abused every day since you were sixteen years old.
Then, one night, you realise your captor has left the door to your cell unlocked.
For the first time in eight years you’re free.
This is what happens next.

What did I think about it..

Well, such a lot happens in this book that it really is an emotional roller coaster from the very beginning. It starts with the escape of Lily, and her daughter, Sky, from the place they have been held captive for several years. By the end of the first chapter I was already geared up for it to be a little bit predictable, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The story really takes off and leads you into some fascinating situations, all of which are delivered with a really fine eye for special little details.

To say too much about Baby Doll would really lessen the effect of reading it for yourself. In many ways, it's not a comfortable read, and as the different narrators get going, you start to see the story emerge from different perspectives, which is quite compelling. I thought Lily was a feisty and determined heroine, her love for Sky is commendable and yet, her sister, Abby's story is also equally fascinating. Rick, the man behind the abduction comes across as cold and manipulative and is every bit as dangerous as he appears. As for how the story plays out, well, that's for you to find out for yourself..

This is definitely one of those stories that stays with you for a while after you have finished reading, which can only be the sign of a good story, well told.

Best Read with...Strong tea and  a large packet of chocolate biscuits...

More About the author can be found on her website. 
Twitter @hollieoverton #BabyDollBook

This is Hollie Overton’s debut novel. She is a television writer currently working on the ABC Family and Netflix drama Shadowhunters, based on Cassie Clare’s The Mortal Instruments. Previously, Hollie has written for the CBS drama Cold Case and Lifetime’s The Client List.

My thanks to Gemma at Penguin for my review copy of Baby Doll



  1. Ooh, great review, I have this in my to read pile, looking forward to reading it now !

    1. That's great Dawn. I hope you enjoy it. Come back and tell me what you thought about it !!


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