Wednesday 11 November 2015

Review ~ There Must be an Angel by Sharon Booth

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From the moment I first met Eliza Jarvis, I knew that I would like her, you see, she's a fan of Jane Eyre, but realises, that unlike romantic fiction, real life is never going to be that easy. When Eliza realises that her philandering husband, Harry, has been dallying, rather too closely, with Melody Bird, the amply endowed co-star of his TV programme, Eliza does the one thing she knows will hurt him the most, she takes his beloved Aston Martin Rapide and disappears with their daughter, Amy.

Taking refuge in the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Kearton Bay, Eliza and Amy start to piece together their lives and with the help of a few colourful characters, they soon discover that there is more to life than celebrity status, and the simple joy of living life amongst friends is something that Eliza comes to cherish. I really enjoyed getting to know Eliza, she's feisty and funny and oh, so vulnerable you want to wrap her up in a blanket, but there's also a central core of steel, which is evident in the way she looks after her little daughter and the way that she protects those people she really cares about.

There Must Be An Angel is one of those delightful stories that grabs you by the hand on page one and with a wonderfully light touch takes you into a world of quirky characters, who very quickly become as familiar as friends. And as you start to feel the emotional pull of a good story, you begin care about the people who inhabit the pages. You completely understand Eliza’s initial misgivings about staying at the uniquely named Hare and Moon pub, well, who wouldn’t feel slightly uneasy in the company of Rhiannon, the Wiccan landlady, who knows tantalising snippets of village secrets. Then, there’s the darkly mysterious Gabriel, who has more than enough mysteries of his own for us to discover!  And of course, who could forget lovely Rose and Lexi, Joe and Mrs Travers and the wonderful Hannah. There are just so many delightful people to enjoy getting to know, that I was quite sad when the story ended!

However, it's good to know that the series will continue to grow and there will be more secrets to share about the people of Kearton Bay in future novels. 

I can't wait !

Best enjoyed with mugs of builders tea and slabs of Yorkshire Parkin, thick with butter…

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My thanks to the author for sharing her book with me.



  1. Thank you so much! I'm delighted that you enjoyed There Must Be an Angel. Lovely review and I'll be smiling all day now. x

    1. You're welcome, Sharon - I will definitely be reading the rest of the series !


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