Thursday 25 August 2022

Review ~ Ten Poems about Wildlife from Candlestick Press


Candlestick Press
July 2022

My thanks to the publisher for this poetry pamphlet

Poems that explore the wonders of the animal kingdom

Hedgehogs and hares, dragonflies and deer... This mini anthology is a delightful celebration of the many wild creatures that flutter, slither, swim or stride through the British countryside.

Poet Pascale Petit has selected poems that take us into their unfamiliar worlds. The strange language of bats and the exhilaration of wild ponies running free are brought vividly to life, while the sinuous body of an otter is captured in a poem of slippery word-play.

Again and again we experience the thrill of encountering a wild animal in its habitat:

“When she pauses in the clearing between cedars

slender neck arched like a drawn bow,

I want to kneel, hold her against my thundering heart,”

from ‘Dream of My Daughter as a Fawn’ by Danielle Boodoo-FortunΓ©

The anthology is a reminder to pay attention to the natural world and its creatures – that although poems may appear to keep them safe, we should never take them for granted.

Poems by Danielle Boodoo-FortunΓ©, John Clare, Emily Dickinson, Jen Hadfield, Norman MacCaig, Robert Macfarlane, David Morley, Les Murray, Pascale Petit and Robert Williams Parry.

Cover illustration by Sam Cannon.

My Review..

There's something quite magical about taking an early morning stroll and coming across a couple of roe deer quietly munching or seeing the glorious red coat of an urban fox. Wildlife is on our doorstep and if there is anything I have learned from this recent pandemic it is to appreciate the wildlife you may have in your local area.

In this collection of ten poems, the individual poets share their thoughts and feelings about wildlife. Quietly exploring what it means to view the world in a very different way.

What better way to start the collection than with The Fox by Robert Williams Parry ( translated by RS Thomas)


and breathtakingly he was there,

a fox on soft foot, his mind 


Hedgehogs, fawns, otters, bats, dragonflies and mice all find their place in this poetry collection and each animal is beautifully brought to life with words which capture their innocence and their specialness.

I loved Horses, Running by Pascale Petit

"..I watch the horses run downhill,

tails flung out in a slipstream of wind,

they blur and the moor and the grass blurs with them

just as the earth must blur as it spins..."

I have special fondness for hares and this lovely poem by Norman MacCraig really captured my imagination

"...He's gone - but still, so high,

so gently the hill curves over,

two ears like antlers move

Pricked on a pewter sky..."

Ten Poems about Wildlife is a really lovely collection of poems which capture the stunning beauty of our wildlife and reminds us that we should do everything we can to protect and encourage them. The collection is a perfect gift, or instead of card, for anyone who enjoys the natural world.

Candlestick Press is an independent publisher based in Nottingham, UK. We’ve been publishing poetry pamphlets since 2008 not only for people who already love poetry, but also for those who will love it but perhaps don’t know that yet. Our ‘instead of a card’ pamphlets make an ideal alternative to a mainstream greetings card and are a small gift in their own right. They have matching envelopes and bookmarks left blank for your message, and are excellent companions on journeys or for a bedtime read. By supporting us, you help an independent press and our supported charities at the same time as treating yourselves, your friends and family to some wonderful poems.

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