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πŸ“– Hist Fic Saturday ~Treachery by Michael E Wills

On Hist Fic Saturday

Let's go back to ...1940


Book 2 of 3 The children of Cliff Top Farm in Wartime.

My thanks to the author for inviting me to read this book


In the Second World War, hundreds of thousands of children were evacuated from British cities and sent to areas of the country where it was regarded that they would be safer from bombing. They went to stay with complete strangers, many of whom were unenthusiastic about having a young guest staying with them for a long period of time.

This is the second story about young evacuees. It tells how their lives have changed and how they get involved in a dangerous mystery in their new home in the country on the Isle of Wight. Their adventure leads them to ......TREACHERY!

πŸ“– My Review...

In Treachery we follow the exploits of the children who live at Cliff Top Farm on the Isle of Wight. Two of the children are evacuees who are now well settled living with Mrs Orton and her son Jimmy and together they enjoy a settled life together. They all pull together on the farm doing the chores that need to be done. 

At the start of the story we meet them all as they prepare the fields for the growing of potatoes helped by some Italian Prisoners of War who are incarcerated nearby. When a German plane makes an emergency landing in one of the fields, all the inhabitants of Cliff Top Farm are pulled into a complicated mystery.

As always this author gets everything right. The history is authentic and feels realistic and there is an exciting mystery at the heart of the story which will appeal to young adult readers who enjoy well written adventure stories. Piecing together all the clues is what makes Treachery such an enjoyable historical WW2 adventure.

Perfectly possible for young readers to read Treachery as a standalone story but for greater enjoyment it would be better to start with book# 1 Treason in order to fill in the background to the characters. 

🍴Best Read with... a bowl of homemade Tagliatelle (recipe included in the book)

The author very kindly sent me this lovely little book of English Wildflowers which his grandchildren worked on over lockdown.

Just 54 pages, it is a well presented and colourful collection of those common wildflowers we see growing in our gardens, fields and hedgerows. Aimed at 9-12 year olds, it's also a really useful aide memoir for grown-ups too 😊

All proceeds to Salisbury Foodbank

Michael Wills was born in Newport on the Isle of Wight and attended the Priory Boys School and Carisbrooke Grammar. He trained as a teacher at St Peter’s College, Birmingham, before working at a secondary school in Kent.

Twitter @MWillsofSarum

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