Sunday 27 May 2018

Sunday WW1 Remembered..

The Centenary of The Battle of Cantigny, May 28th 1918 

This was the first major American offensive of the American Expeditionary Force during WW1 when over 4000 American troops liberated the small town of of Cantigny, near the Somme river in Northern France. Situated on high ground, the town was surrounded by woods, making it an ideal observation post for German artillery. With French artillery help, the Americans advanced, and in just 30 minutes, the town, although destroyed, was liberated.

The successful result boosted morale and demonstrated the ability of the American troops in further deployments.

In 1923, the Americans erected a monument in the village:

Erected by The United States of America To Commemorate the first attack by an American Division in the World War. On the side of the memorial appears the inscription: The First Division United States Army  operating under the X French Corps captured the town Cantigny on May 28 1918 and held it against numerous counterattacks.

Over this weekend there are centenary commemorations taking place in the area round Cantigny.

More information can be found here


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