Thursday, 15 January 2015

UK Launch ~ The Curvy Girls Club by Michele Gorman

The Curvy Girls Club made its American debut in June, becoming a USA Today bestseller, 
called “a laugh-out-loud and heart-warming tale” by Publishers Weekly 
and "witty and engaging" by Sophie Kinsella. 

January 15th 2015  is its UK Launch Date

Published by AVON 
January 2015

Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane have been best friends since meeting at Slimming Zone. Tired of being judged on the number of calories they consume, they decide to form a different kind of club. The fun evenings they spend together, not worrying about their size, make them happier than they've been for years!

But the club doesn’t stop real life from getting in the way and together the girls have to address some much bigger issues than just their weight…

Will Pixie ever be brave enough to leave her abusive husband Trevor? Can Jane ever regain her confidence and go back to work as a TV presenter? Will Katie always carry a torch for the office lothario? And what if Ellie lets her all-consuming jealousy destroy her relationship with ‘The One’?


The Curvy Girls Club is available in all ebook formats and paperback from 15th January in the UK

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Amazon US

My Review of The Curvy Girls Club

Enjoying life rather than counting calories forms the basis of this story which looks at the way society views body image but which does so in a way that most of us can relate to. Katie Winterbottom and her friends become disillusioned with attending a weekly slimming club, only to find that the pounds they lost in weight the week before have been mysteriously added back on. Determined to enjoy themselves they form The Curvy Girls Club which becomes, almost overnight, an instant success. What then follows is a heartfelt look at how female friendship evolves and of how all too often, the expectations of society unfortunately define the person we are, rather than the person we want to be.

I enjoy Michele Gorman’s novels. She manages to get right into the heart of the novel and captures with a light and easy style of writing the very essence of female friendship. Her characters literally bounce of the page and very quickly you become immersed in their story, which will have you laughing out loud one minute and fighting tears the next.

The Curvy Girls Club is a warm and witty look at a topic, that of body image, which all too often we shy away from, and yet, this novel shows that size really doesn’t matter,  but good writing does, and this delivers fine writing in abundance.

My thanks to Michele Gorman and Notting Hill Press for sharing this book with me.


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