Tuesday 19 January 2021

πŸ“– Blog Tour Guest Post ~ You Don't Need Therapy by Alan Lucas


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Beak Street Publishing
12 January 2021

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Changing your life isn’t that complicated when you know how, and when you know how You Don’t Need Therapy According to the World Health Organisation, there is a suicide every 40 seconds and in the UK alone, 16 people choose to end their lives every day. We have a chronic mental health problem. More and more people report they are struggling, yet therapy and medication, the conventional default solutions, are expensive and don’t seem to be working. You Don’t Need Therapy presents an alternative solution: The SYSO System® - an easily digestible and cost efficient one stop system that can be applied by anyone wherever they are on their journey. Resources available for self-improvement are plentiful, but can be overwhelming and confusing. There are over 160 recognised types of psychotherapy, endless counselling styles, coaching methods, healing techniques, retreats, seminars and book offerings, yet many people simply don’t know where to start or what to do next. You Don’t Need Therapy introduces a one stop solution, the SYSO System®, with 7 simple steps and 70 practical exercises so you can DO the changing, rather than just read about it. By following the steps, you will change how you think, which will change how you feel, which will change what you do, all as quickly as you choose. You will create a new filter through which you experience life and by changing the filter, everything will look different.

You don’t need therapy; you can sort your self out when you know how.

πŸ“– I'm delighted to welcome Alan to the blog today πŸ“–

Sort Your Self Out 

Hi, I’m Alan Lucas and I created a 7-step system to help people become more mentally healthy! It’s simply called the Sort Your Self Out system (The SYSO System) and if you follow the steps you can change your life. It’s that straightforward. 

However, the system will only work if you do! That’s why there are 70 practical exercises so you can really do the changing rather than just read about it. If you want your life to improve, you have to improve. If you want your life to be different, you have to be different, and if you want your life to change, you have to change. Notice the theme? It’s you! You have to ‘do’ things differently. 

People are seeking help for mental health problems at an unprecedented rate. In the UK one in four report experiencing mental health issues and 1 in 8 are receiving some form of ‘treatment.’ The most common prescribed solutions are therapy and medication, but these are expensive, not easy to access and often not that effective. As great as some therapy can be, the therapist doesn’t do the work for you anyway. You still have to do the changing. If you just knew what to do and had exercises to practice, then you wouldn’t need therapy. 

Everyone has things they are trying to change, but often we just struggle with the doing. The SYSO System, with 70 action activating exercises, focusses on making changes real. The 7 steps deal with the bigger questions that lie behind your life, and when you focus on these, then all the small stuff will fall into place. Want better relationships, health, finances? We often focus on strategies for achieving these goals in specific areas of our life, but if we focus instead on the bigger picture by becoming more aware, managing our mind, taking charge of our emotions, meeting our needs in healthy ways, having a clear purpose, appreciating our interconnectedness and raising our vibration, then our life will change on a whole new level in all areas. 

So, wherever you are on your journey, decide to take responsibility for your experience of life. Everything that has happened so far has been invaluable in giving you the foundations for the next part. Decide now to make the most of the rest of your life, and you will be doing everyone else the biggest favour too, as being the best version of yourself is the greatest gift you can give to others. When you light up you will feel great, but you will also be able to shine more brightly your light and warmth. Let’s all be the best we can. Let’s all be suns. 

You Don’t Need Therapy is out on 12th Jan and is available for pre order now. https://www.amazon.co.uk/You-Dont-Need-Therapy-Steps/dp/1913532259 All profits to The SYSO Foundation which is a new charity providing free support and personal development resources to young people to help them avoid becoming messed up older people. 

About the Author

Alan Lucas was born and raised in Belfast during the troubles and from a young age wondered why people would choose to kill others just because they had developed different beliefs. After university, he worked as a ski instructor in the U.S, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. He had a corporate career as a marketing boss at global sportswear brands Nike and Adidas and has founded various businesses. An entrepreneur, coach and motivational speaker, Alan is passionate about selfimprovement and helping people have more fun and fulfilling lives. He created the Sort Your Self Out system, and the EGO HERE® brand which donates its profits to the SYSO Foundation, providing personal development resources for young people to help them become the best versions of themselves. You Don’t Need Therapy is his debut book.

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