Wednesday 6 February 2019

Review ~ I Can't Tell You Why by Elaine Robertson North

8 January

My thanks to Ben at Cameron Publicity and Marketing for my proof copy of this book

Sometimes even the most grounded people make bad decisions – decisions that even they cannot explain. And sometimes bad decisions take on a life of their own . . .

Having an affair is inconceivable to Dani and yet she’s having one with Alex. He’s married, he’s an actor and she’s his agent. Then Dani meets Sean, a paparazzi photographer with a formidable reputation. It’s a profession that makes him unpredictable at best. A dangerous trait when his motivation to expose becomes personal.

Can Dani dig her way out of a bad situation that she thought that she was too smart to get into?

My thoughts about it..

Dani is a successful agent, cleverly maneuvering her clients through the minefield of celebrity status. Alex Cambridge is one of her rising stars, still a little bit vulnerable in light of his new found stardom and reliant on Dani to be with him when he faces the growing curiosity of the media. Alex is not only charming and very easy on the eye but he also has a growing attraction to Dani. This attraction is not entirely unwelcome, however, the last thing Dani needs is to have an affair with Alex, as not only is he being chased by the paparazzi, but he also has a wife and three children.

What then follows is a love triangle situation which Dani really should have anticipated for not only does she succumb to Alex's charm which leaves her vulnerable but she also finds she is growing increasingly attracted to Sean MacDonald who, as a paparazzi photographer, as few scruples when it comes to dishing the gossip about the rich and famous.

I enjoyed reading of Dani's dilemma and even though at times I found her quite irritating I couldn't help but be drawn into her story. The author writes well and using her knowledge of working in the media to good effect creates a nice sense of living in the here and now. Throughout the story there's an interesting assortment of characters, especially Dani's friends, Billy and Amanda, who do all they can to support Dani when she needs it most.

I Can't Tell You Why is an entertaining read which highlights the perils and pitfalls of living life in the glare of the media. It shows the tenacity of the photographers and news reporters who make their living dishing out all those juicy tit-bits of gossip which make magazines and newspapers so appealing to us readers.

About the Author

ELAINE ROBERTSON NORTH spent a fast and furious 25 years working in entertainment marketing and communications. She spent seven years marketing national newspapers, ran the publicity campaign for three Red Nose Days, spent a couple of years working in entertainment PR and was the Unit Publicist on Four Weddings and a Funeral. She was also the Press & Promotions Manager at Capital Radio and the Head of Communications at UKTV. It was a fantastically rich source of material.

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