Sunday 4 December 2016

Sunday WW1 Remembered ~ The Sun Will Always Shine by John R McKay

Catching up with my November Remembrance Read

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 A bit of blurb

Set before and during the First World War, The Sun Will Always Shine tells the story of Harry and Charlie Davenport, two brothers who live and work on a farm in Lancashire, England with their domineering father, timid mother and younger sister, Lucy.

The brothers believe that their father's increasing brutality needs to be stepped and strong action is needed to protect their family. But with war approaching they come to realise that theses actions will have terrible consequences upon the very people they have sworn to protect. As suspicion grows ever stronger, could the trenches of the Western Front provide an escape for them, before their secret is revealed and their world is ripped apart.

My thoughts..

When the First World War broke out in 1914 for many of the young soldiers who enlisted it was the opportunity of lifetime. For some it was a time to see a different part of the world and a time for adventure, but one wonders just how many young men were escaping a life that had been made intolerable by cruelty and poverty.

The story starts in 1914 when we are introduced to the Davenport family who eke out a living on their farm in rural Lancashire. Brothers Harry and Charlie are very much at the behest of their violent and domineering father, but when a family tragedy forces Charlie to make a difficult decision, it is left to older brother Harry to keep the farm and the family secure.

What then follows is an interesting and well developed story which considers all the difficulties of living through a challenging time. The author paints a realistic picture of what it was like to be a soldier in WW1, whilst at the same time creates a believable world for those who were left behind. Time and place are perfectly captured and throughout the story there are some very poignant relationship issues which are described in sympathetic detail.

I enjoyed the setting; Lancashire and my home town of Wigan play an important role in the novel both in terms of the landscape and in the warm personalities of those characters who flit into and out of the story. The places mentioned in the novel had a very familiar feel to them and I enjoyed seeing how places I know well fitted into the story.

In The Sun Will Always Shine, the author has succeeded in bringing together a story which shows both the best and also the worst of human nature. The First World War is obviously a subject the author feels passionately about and therefore writes with great conviction and enthusiasm about a very evocative time in our history.

Best Read With ..A crusty loaf from Traynor's bakery and a strong brew of old fashioned, Lancashire tea..

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