Wednesday 14 December 2016

Review ~ The Christmas Court by Joanna Courtney

Christmas Reading


The blurb..

The Christmas Court by Joanna Courtney is a festive historical short story from the author of The Chosen Queen.

King Edward's royal court has gathered at Westminster to welcome William of Normandy to England. As the ambitious Norman duke takes his place amongst the English lords, rumour and speculation are rife. It appears that William has an ulterior motive for making his timely visit to his childless royal cousin . .

My thoughts..

Sometimes at this time of year with so much preparation in the run up to Christmas it can be difficult to settle down to some reading time which is why this beautifully written novella is the perfect kind of Christmas reading. Short and sweet, with a gloriously authentic feel, this medieval story combines all that is good about this author's writing.

King Edward's royal court in December 1051 comes alive in the imagination. The crispness of yule and the warmth of cracking log fires combine to form the backdrop to a delicious romance which warms the heart and feeds the soul. Lady Freya. and her bubbly companion, Alodie find that life at the royal court is as sumptuous and rich as they hoped it would be and for a few glorious days, before her arranged marriage, Lady Freya can lose herself in gaiety and merrymaking... that is until she catches the eye of a handsome Norman knight who turns her ordered world upside down.

Rich in historical detail and alive with all the curiosities of life at one of the greatest royal courts on earth, this story is a joy to read from start to finish.

Best Read With ...Hot roasted chestnuts and a cup of honey sweet wassail..

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My thanks to Jess at Macmillan for my e-copy of The Christmas Court

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