Monday 12 December 2016

Review ~ Christmas for the Halfpenny Orphans by Cathy Sharp

 Christmas Reading

Christmas for the Halfpenny Orphans Paperback by Cathy Sharp

The book blurb...

Little twin sisters, Sarah and Samantha are all alone in the world. When their mother died giving birth to Sarah, she was blamed for the death by her father and her learning difficulties serve only to make him more angry and violent towards her. Now he’s finally abandoned them both and they’ve found sanctuary at St Saviour’s Children’s Home in London’s East End. It seems they’re doomed to be separated; no one wants to take Sarah on, but life apart will break their hearts.

Alice, a former worker at the home who is now a mother and happily married to Bob, finds her happiness under threat when a face from the past reappears. Jack Shaw, East End bad boy, has always been Alice’s weak spot but is she really about to throw everything away?

Angela Morton has her hands full; she’s now in sole charge. But with Christmas approaching, and more than one orphan in desperate need, St Saviour’s is crying out for a miracle.

My thoughts...

This is now the third book in the Halfpenny Street series of novels and whilst each book is written to stand alone, there are characters and situations which are mentioned, which have been in the series from the start. That said, I thought that the story started well, with some nice characterisation and enough detail about St Saviour's Children home to whet my appetite.

The story of two abandoned children who run away from home certainly gets the book off to an interesting start, and when combined with the other story threads, a theme of determination against all odds starts to develop. Christmas for the Halfpenny Orphans is light and easy to read and the characters are nicely portrayed. The way of life at St. Saviour's with all its many complications is well described and the story is both sad and heart-warming in equal measure showing people at both their best... and worst.

It is obvious that the author clearly enjoys writing this series and this shows in the way she lovingly describes her characters so that they become real in the imagination. I am sure that fans of this series who have previously invested in the story and characters will find much to enjoy in this latest novel.

Best Read with..a nice glass of sweet sherry and a warm mince pie..

About the Author

Cathy Sharp is happily married and lives with her husband in a small Cambridgeshire village. They like visiting Spain together and enjoy the benefits of sunshine and pleasant walks, while at home they love their garden and visiting the Norfolk seaside.
Cathy loves writing because it gives pleasure to others, she finds writing an extension of herself and it gives her great satisfaction. Cathy says, ‘There is nothing like seeing your book in print, because so much loving care has been given to bringing that book into being.’

Thanks to Harper for my review copy of this lovely Christmas saga

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