Saturday 21 May 2016

Review ~ Dear Dad by Giselle Green

Yule Press
March 2016

Heroes come in many guises, mostly they are ordinary people, who in exceptional circumstances step up to the bar and do something really extraordinary. Nate Hardman is one such person, except he has a big problem. As a roving reporter in some of the world's most conflicted areas, Nate is well accustomed to stress, but after a catastrophic incident , he returns home with extreme anxiety issues, so much so, that  the PTSD he suffers from means that he can’t even leave the shelter of his own home.

Adam Boxley lives with his aging Nan, and things aren’t too good at home, as his Nan is forgetful and has come to rely more on Adam as her carer, which is a huge responsibility for a nine year old. Desperate for a dad of his own, Adam, encouraged by his Nan, writes a letter to Nate, in the mistaken belief that somehow Nate is his long lost father, which, understandably, comes as a total surprise to Nate.

Jenna Tierney is a supply teacher with a heart of gold who takes both Adam and Nate under her wing, recognising in each of them the need to be loved and valued, but the problem is that Jenna had problems of her own to work through and her role as Adam’s teacher is really only temporary,

What then follows is a really lovely story about relationships and what happens when we let our guard down and start to trust in other people. There are some lovely interactive moments between Nate and Adam that tug away at your heartstrings and Nate’s burgeoning relationship with Jenna is handled in such a sensitive way, that you start to believe that the power of love can truly heal all things.

The author writes with confidence and controls quite a complicated story line in a subtle and delicate way. The problems experienced by all three main characters are all too real and this comes across in a lively and searching way. I really enjoyed getting to know all three characters and formed an emotional attachment to them, so that by the end of the story, of course, I hoped that everything would end well, but, as we all know, the course of love is never smooth and for Nate, Adam and Jenna, their journey is only the beginning.

Jaffa was also really thrilled with the rather grumpy ginger tom cat who graces the pages ...

Best Read with ...Pastel-coloured macarons and expensive and very tasty fizz..

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