Sunday 7 December 2014

Sunday War Poet...

Christmas must have been a sad time both for those fighting on the Western Front and for those at home who waited and who ultimately mourned their loss.

Over the next four weeks of December I will feature some of the Christmas poems of WW1.

The Fallen 


Diana Gurney

Shall we not lay our holly wreath
Here at the foot of this high cross?
We do not know, perhaps a breath
Of our remembering may come
To them at last where they are sleeping,
They are quiet, they are dumb,
No more of mirth, no more of weeping,
Silent Christmas they are keeping;
Ours the sorrow, ours the loss. - 

I can't find any detailed reference to the life of Diana Gurney other than she wrote a series of poems which were published in The Poppied Dream (1921).

She is recognised as a female war poet of WW1.



  1. oh thats so moving but beautiful. I have so enjoyed all your war poems Jo and you've introduced me to so many lovely poems.
    Gill x

  2. Thanks for following this feature throughout the year, Gill, we have enjoyed your company.

    I hope to carry on with it next year, as long as there are poems I will continue to winkle them out...:)

  3. She seems to have continued to write, as a poet by the same name published "Verses" in 1921.

    1. Hi Connie - thanks for the information - I'll certainly take a look at "Verses"..


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