Monday 8 December 2014

Guest post ~ Sophie King ~ Do You Take This Man?

I am delighted to showcase 
the new contemporary romance


Corazon Books
8 December 2014

Katie just got married ....or did she?

Katie is getting married to Alec ... or is she? Have you ever wondered "what if..." you had made a different decision in life, and would things have gone down a totally different path? Would life have been better or worse? In "Do You Take This Man?" we follow Katie's two lives - what happens to her if she says "I do" and what happens if she stands up her groom. Katie's two separate realities are very different, but we also see how there are some things you can't avoid, whatever choices you make in life. In the tradition of the classic film "Sliding Doors", "Do You Take This Man?" will keep you gripped and guessing to the end!



Sophie King

So you’ve met the man of your dreams. Or at least, you think you have.

You like him and he likes you. Then, after a suitable period (or not), he goes down on one knee and pops the question,
Yes! You’re a traditional girl and you’ve always wanted to be a Mrs. Now someone has finally asked you to marry them! But help, how do you know he’s really Mr. Right?

Suddenly, you’re filled with doubt. Supposing you say ‘yes’ and then meet someone else who turns out to be the love of your life? What if you just lived together instead like nearly everyone else you know. Ooooh, it’s so difficult isn’t it?

Do not panic! Together with some psychologist friends (who would rather not be named because they’ve made a few mistakes in the marital department themselves), I’ve devised a foolproof quiz* to see if you should say yes to your latest proposal.

So here goes:

Answer the following questions: you do not need to stick to the original order but it might help.

Do you like going to bed at the same time? (If you haven’t gone to bed together yet, see next question.)

Does he make you tingle every time?

Do you have children that aren’t his? 

If so, do they like your intended?

Does he have children that aren’t yours?
Is so, do they hate you yet?
Do you have your own houses at the moment?
If yes,  whose house will you move into?
If not, will you be living with his parents or yours? (Note: recent surveys show that newly weds under 50 can only afford to live with their parents.)
Do you want a pre-nup? (Note for alcoholic readers: a pre-nup is not a cocktail.)
Are you having a honeymoon or a new kitchen?
Does he make you laugh?
Do you have a B Plan? (an escape in case the marriage doesn’t work out. If so, go back to the beginning and re-think your answers).

Right. That’s it. Simple. No need for ‘Correct Answers On the Next Page’  because there aren’t any rights or wrongs. Everyone is different which is probably just as well. But you’ll know, inside yourself, if you’re marrying the right man after reading through my quiz. I just hope you get together with the chap who makes you laugh and also puts honeymoons over new kitchens. If not, you might need to start all over again. and I'm not just talking quizzes ...

*No legal guarantee provided....

My thanks to Sophie for her guest post.

Do You Take This Man? 

is available for Kindle download from today ,

8th December.

Thanks also to Ian Skillicorn at Corazon Books for his help with this guest post.


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  1. This sounds like a fantastic book. I love Sophie King

  2. Hi Rachel - Thanks for visiting and for reading Sophie's guest post . I'm pleased that you enjoy her books.- so do I :)

  3. I've always enjoyed Sophie King's novels. I hadn't seen her new novel before I read your review, Josie, so thank you very much for sharing it with us.

  4. I think anywhere for a wedding proposal would be romantic - the exception being in the middle of a busy shopping mall! This sounds a great read, thank you Josie.

    1. Hi Karen - I agree a busy shopping centre isn't the best place !! Thanks for visiting :)


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