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Hist Fic Saturday Blog Tour ~ The Lady of the Ravens by Joanna Hickson

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Harper Collins
9th January 2020

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My baptismal name may be Giovanna but here in my mother’s adopted country I have become plain Joan; I am not pink-cheeked and golden-haired like the beauties they admire. I have olive skin and dark features – black brows over ebony eyes and hair the colour of a raven’s wing…

When Joan Vaux is sent to live in the shadow of the Tower of London, she must learn to navigate the treacherous waters of this new England under the Tudors. Like the ravens, Joan must use her eyes and her senses, if Henry and his new dynasty are to prosper and thrive..

What did I think about it..

What a fascinating story this turned out to be and such a refreshing change to enter the newly established Tudor court just as Henry VII takes as his bride the enigmatic Princess Elizabeth of York. Joan Vaux, handmaid to the new Queen Elizabeth, is our narrator through much of the novel and is as fascinating a character as her royal mistress. With Joan’s unique brand of lively wit and common sense she takes us right into the very heart of the Tudor court and into a new and exciting time in English history.

There is no doubt that Joan is a fascinating narrator, and as her life intertwines with that of the new King and Queen, so her own horizons and opportunities begin to expand and change, and her life, and fortune, take a very different path to the one she could ever have imagined for herself. I loved how the author combined Joan's story, incidentally a real life character, not just with the royal court but also with that of the ravens at the Tower of London. Joan’s special connection to these intelligent birds adds an interesting dimension to the story and is one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

The Lady of the Ravens is a beautifully written look at Tudor life with all of the intriguing intricacies of life at court, and yet, it is also a fascinating glimpse into the lives of real historical characters, particularly those of the women who shaped our history at such an important time. I’ve now read several of this author’s books and I’m always impressed by her ability to bring history alive in a very readable way. The Lady of the Ravens is intricately researched and beautifully presented and is a real gem of a novel and a perfect treat if you love Tudor history.

About the Author

Joanna Hickson spent twenty-five years presenting and producing News and Arts programmes for the BBC. Her first published book was a children’s historical novel Rebellion at Orford Castle but more recently she has turned to adult fiction, concentrating on bringing fifteenth century English history and some of its fascinating principal characters to life. She is married with a large family and gets inspiration from her Wiltshire farmhouse home, which dates back to her chosen period.

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