Wednesday 3 May 2017

Review ~ My Sister by Michelle Adams

20 April 2017

What's it all about...

Two Sisters:

You don't get to choose your family.

She thought she'd never go back home.

But there's something in her sister's voice she just can't refuse.

And hasn't it always been that way?

What her sister asks, she does . . 

What did I think about it...

The unusual relationship which exists between the sisters, Elle and Irini Harringford, is the focus of this clever psychological thriller which takes the concept of hidden family secrets to a sparkling new level and which then turns the whole thing on its head so that you are never quite sure which of the sisters is actually telling the truth.

Creepy and compelling from the start, we are drawn into a very tangled web of deceit which started when Irini was given into the care of her aunt, Jemima when she was just three years old, leaving Elle to remain with their parents, Maurice and Cassandra. In the intervening years, Irini has had nothing to do with her parents, and her sporadic contact with Elle was done in secret, and usually resulted in disastrous consequences for Irini. When Irini, as an adult, finally returns to her childhood home for her mother's funeral, the visit opens up a bucket load of secrets about her past.

The story really is quite compelling and had me turning the pages faster and faster in order to find out more about this toxic family. Elle comes across as a vulnerable monster which is entirely at odds with Irini's more sympathetic nature and yet, both sisters have an air of instability about them which ensures that there is an element of sympathy for both of them.

To say too much would be to reveal what goes on and this is one of those cleverly plotted books which keeps its secrets close and which doesn't reveal too much too soon. Unusually for me, I didn't get the twist until it appeared and that just reiterated what a clever story this is, and one that needs to be read with no spoilers from me.

Best Read with..Salty scrambled eggs and a large cup of restorative breakfast tea.

Michelle Adams grew up in the UK but now lives in Cyprus, where she works as a part-time scientist. She read he forst Stepehn King novel at the tender age fo nine and has been addicted to suspense fiction ever since. My Sister is her first novel.

Twitter @MAdamswriter

Michelle    Adams

My thanks to Millie at Headline for providing a copy of this book to review.


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